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USD 348 property drawing interest

I believe the news article is about the sale of the old school buildings and not the ability/inability of the members on the current school board.
If I am correct, this property has had a for sale sign hanging on the east fence for almost two years now. It is about time to do something with the buildings.
If there is an interested party, and they are willing to purchase these buildings, then let them make an offer and put something in there besides empty space.
One final question(s): there was no mention of a value in the article - besides the appraised value - and yet one commentor said that there was an offer of $200K...how does the blogger know this and not the newspaper reporter? Is this true? How did the blogger get this information? Is there a leak? Did the reporter not put this in at the request of the board, or did the reporter deem this number unnecessary? Enquiring minds want to know...

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