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Maple leaf statues to adorn downtown

Actually, $10,000 would do very little in terms of sidewalk or street repairs. Sidewalk alone runs about $3.50 per foot. Now, if you include curb and gutter along with sidewalk and street repairs, $10,000 would not even be enough money to do a block anywhere in town. However, I think street and sidewalk repair are important priorities and the previous City Council increased the budget for these types of projects which will occur before the end of the fiscal year. The City has also developed a street inventory to guide its investment in replacing and repairing streets throughout town and those investments will be included in future budgets to attempt to protect the infrastructure in a systematic fashion. Please contact Public Works if you have areas where you believe work would be beneficial.

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Sewer district assessments on Baldwin City Council's agenda

Resolution 2011-12 was on the City Council agenda on August 15, 2011. It was then passed in a public meeting. On October 3, 2011, the Resolution was again on the City Council agenda and was open and available for public discussion. On October 6, the Resolution was published in the Baldwin Signal. Every property owner was mailed notice and afforded an opportunity to discuss his or her support or opposition of the district.

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