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11th Street fiasco ...........

Seriously, when is the road going to be fixed...didn't the flyer say 6 weeks? We are heading into July and the road is still a disaster. Seriously...

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School board hears budget-cutting numbers

Thanks Justask! I just clicked on your link and found that April 8th date.. We're planning on attending. Rockytop, I definitley agree with you. I don't doubt that the board is faced with some difficult decisions. I just want to be sure the voice of the people they represent is communicated and heard. I believe that if somethings important you should stand up and say so. And for me, there is nothing more important than the future of our children.

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School board hears budget-cutting numbers

Great! Thanks Jeff. My husband and I will plan on attending the April 12th, 2010 meeting at 6:30 on Chapel Street. I am encouraging anyone else who has left a comment or who feels strongly about the education of their children to attend too. I think the board really needs to hear our voice!

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School board hears budget-cutting numbers

Jeff, I would love to have a voice in this - what do you think the best way is to communicate our thoughts to the school board? I would hope that they would take a look at these comments, but perhaps it might be more impactful if done by other means...Thanks for any direction you can provide...

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School board hears budget-cutting numbers

I'm dissapointed that the Baldwin City school district is moving in this direction. As a member of the community and a parent, I am reconsidering whether Baldwin City is trully the place that we want to raise our kids. It seems like the kids are going to be the ones ulitmately paying the price in this situation (larger classrooms, smaller window of time for learning) and I'm not willing to sacrafice my child's education just so we can save a few bucks. Especially when I take a look around and see all of the money we are spending and money spent on all of the new facilities. I understand that some of the current facilities required immediate attention, but was there NO forethought when considering the budget for construction? I'm also a working parent whose quite concerned about what a four day school week would look like and how much the extra expenses of daycare will cost our family. I'm hopeful that the "bugs" will be fixed before my daughter is old enough to go to school there. These types of decisions are forcing us to take a hard look at whether Baldwin City is the place for us to be. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

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