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Superintendent explains rules of PAC shelter use

Ironic that this article is published the same day as the terrible tragedy in Moore, Oklahoma. But, I'd like to thank Superintendent Dorathy and the USD 348 BoE, and all those that voted to pass the 2008 Bond Issue for getting the PAC built as a storm/tornado shelter. I hope we never have to use it in such a way, but it's nice we have the option.

I think it might be necessary to consider a similar building closer to the two existing elementary schools though, or one for each. I hope none of us have to ever go through what those poor families did. Let's prevent as much damage and pain and suffering as we can by being prepared.

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Moran explains vote on background checks to Baldwin City Rotary Club

We already do have gun laws. Lots of them. In fact, Chicago has some of the strictest in the nation, and yet that city is a leader in gun crime and homicides.

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Baldwin district considering technology fee with iPad introduction

But then, Goldie, you are forcing folks to basically buy an expensive item they might not have otherwise planned/budgeted for. To be honest with you, I agree with Notwhat on this one. There are plenty of other eReaders out there for much cheaper, but this district thinks it has to ally with Apple on everything. The cost is already getting overwhelming and we haven't even started using them.

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Baldwin board approves iPad purchase

There are no 32gb iPads for sale at Best Buy for less than $600. And those are the WiFi only. The article doesn't say whether the school purchased WiFi only iPads, but I expect so.

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Digital decision

Well, you couldn't be more wrong. Here's a few links for you:

And those are articles from 2011. Many, many schools have upped their technology in school in the last two years. The future may not be iPads, per se, but our kids had better understand how technology works. Most schools are recognizing that fact and doing something about it.

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Digital decision

1776, you are awfully quick to jump in with an accusatory tone. The school district did exactly what most sensible districts are doing: piloting some new technology, seeing how it works, if it fits into their system, checking the pitfalls that go along with it, etc. They are still examining it. Did you miss the part where the board was concerned about lost/missing/broken/abused iPads? They felt the same as you. However, they are waiting on a recommendation from the principal and the teachers before they make a decision. That seems like a smart, well-thought out plan to me.

Your concerns may be valid, but your approach to having a discussion is just atrocious. These people, except for the superintendent and principal, do not get paid to do this job. They (the BoE) are tasked with making a lot of hard decisions each month, and for you to take this tone while they have done nothing wrong on this particular issue, is just amazing to me. The hatred in you must be a terrible burden to you.

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Baldwin volleyball team finds De Soto to its liking

I doubt Mr. Jones, the article's author, even realizes he has numerous typos herein. It goes along with the current front page headline explaining how Baker renovated Mulvane for $10.30. Wow, what a bargain!

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Baldwin wrestling coach prefers to stay put

This is a ludicrous, inflammatory statement, Goldie. What in this article suggests "money is burning a hole in the boards pocket"? The fact that they are considering repairing structures that are in need of it, or preparing new space by remodeling because of the potential of a sale of the building?

Of late, the board has been at least trying to be forward thinking and prepared. I applaud Mr. Harris for coming forward with what he sees as a potential problem to help the board understand this problem from as many angles as possible.

Your cheap shot is really unnecessary, Goldie. Next time why don't you comment on the actual content and merit of the article.

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Baldwin board approves 2012-2013 personnel assignments

Seriously, who looks at this and says "My work here is done!"?

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Architect offers to draw plans for Baldwin Junior High auditorium remodel at no cost

The bond issue had multiple items on the agenda, one of which was improvements and renovations to the junior high.

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