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BCRC reports pool season ended with nearly $10,000 deficit

They might have actually made a profit had the water at the pool not been as hot as the weather! The excuse that the summer heat made it that way is BS. I have seen many a smaller pool not get anywhere near that warm during summers that were just as warm. This is a case of the heaters being left on, which probably contributed to the loss due to our city and their fabulous electric rates!

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I believe that I am the realist here who takes the time to look at the facts before spouting off. The new board does not take seat until July. This is after the teacher contracts have been finalized. This alone make it ALMOST impossible to re-open them this year.
And how is this "my plan"? All I did was tell you facts (one that supported your original delusional comment). And you keep talking about "crazy country folk" and "activist board members", yet never answered my question as to who are these people.
Like Chic says below, I seriously doubt that you have spoken to even half of the newly elected members, let alone all of them. So how can you say some are "activist"? Try doing a little homework.

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Wrong newsie. Just like any contract, there are things that can cause termination of said contract. So nothing is ever set in stone, and who are these "crazy country school folks" that you talk about? Your neighbors and fellow taxpayers!
Besides, it really sounds like you have issues.

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He has already received a 2 year contract extension on Monday March 7th at the BOE meeting. It was approved 7-0. So any discussion of this is a moot point.

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Uncalled for newsie. That was classless. How would you like it if someone you loved got mauled by a dog? Granted that didn't happen in this case, but it is no laughing matter.

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Did you vote in last week's local election?

For those of you who didn't vote, no complaining when the board does something you don't like.

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USD School Board considering cutting busing inside city limits

Goldie, that is the whole reason this was even proposed now. They are trying to make the rural folk believe that the city folk are feeling the pain too. This was supposed to happen before the schools were closed, not after. It was said earlier by the board that $20,000 wasn't enough to bother with. Apparently now it is.
The patrons of this district are not foolish enough to believe that this is any thing else than an attempt to create a sense of fairness. It is not. All this does is cost either the city or the entire district more money than will be saved. Sidewalks, streets, school crossings, and crossing guards might all have to be bought and paid for if this passes. Not to mention major congestion at dropoff and pickup points.

Do they really think we are that big of fools?

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USD School Board considering cutting busing inside city limits

All this does is create an additional problem that either the city or school district will have to pay for (and it will cost more than $20K to $30K). Getting those kids to the schools. The vast majority of in town riders go to the PC and IC. There are no sidewalks to those schools (not even a street to the IC). So sidewalks will have to be installed, and maybe even a road. Think that can be done for under $30 thousand? I sure don't. So now one of the two entities will have to pay for it. In the end, it's us taxpayers paying for another bad decision.

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Letter to the editor

The incumbent didn't bother to do that research. Mr. Dorothy did, and he presented it at the meetings at VES and MSES months ago.
And Mr. Christie did admit that the whole reason that he got involved was because 7th grade sports were being DISCUSSED as a POSSIBLE cut. Some should worry a little more about education and a little less about sports, but I guess ignorance is bliss.

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Letter to the editor

Or current board members urging friends to run.

I know of no alliance other than Robin Bayer and Chad Christie's and whoever else they talked into joining since they took down the photos. Why is that guys? Why hide?

I personally know some of the candidates on the "side" that you speak of, and there is nobody behind the scenes. I can say with 100% confidence that your "source" is wrong.

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