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Water cost?

This excerpt taken from the Baldwin Utilities Website at:

Emphasis on the asterisk lines:

"Although Baldwin City's current electrical production capacity is more than adequate to power the entire city on the hottest day of the summer, ***much of the electrical energy consumed by the City's residents is contracted at low rates from outside utilities*** with the City's own plants generating electricity at crucial peak times throughout the year. ***This strategy allows the City's utility to maintain considerably lower prices for its customers while maintaining an independent utility that is not entirely susceptible to outside rate hikes by other production entities***.

Following this piece of website propaganda, we should have "considerably lower prices" not the other way around.

If you are interested in knowing the facts and justification behind charging up to 13 cents a kilowatt hour for your electricity or the above mentioned water prices, contact me ASAP. Next city council meeting is on September 15 at 7:30. In every agenda is a place for public comments and questions.

Now is the time to organize the citizens of Baldwin City who are concerned about the cost of their basic utilities (electric and water) and the subsequent effect that this is having on your monthly utility bill, on our current housing prices, the affordability of living here in Baldwin City and the overall effect as we go about our daily lives. We, as a group, have the ability to confront and question our elected officials at the next city hall meeting to provide the much needed answers and initiate positive change to this critical issue that is confronting all of us.

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