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Baldwin HIgh School students could soon trade textbooks for iPads

It is pretty pathetic to even consider this with the costs being what they are, heck Walmart has a 7" Android Tablet on sale right now with the latest version of the O/S for like $99, not to mention the fact they have 11.6" Netbooks with Windows 7, which is a operating system the kids will actual find useful in the future business careers, for under $300 each.

The idea of iPads at $500 each even on a interest free loan is ridiculous considering half the internet which is Flash based will not even work on them. What you are paying for with Apple is service and style, not functionality and performance.

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Company pitches contract bus service to Baldwin USD 348 board

I would not count on an effective accounting of the best options from Dorathy, it's not like he did it the last time they decided to cut costs or make a major expenditure.

Thus the reason we ended up with a Performing Arts Center and new sports fields for High School and then had to cut the budget for basic K-5 education.

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Their is a flaw in your analogy there 1776, the fact is what you are telling people is that in the finite # of good summer weekends that they are verboten from selling their personal belongings on their own property with out paying a fee to your cherished organization is wrong, in fact in some ways you are holding the homeowner who pays property taxes which support the library hostage for an entire weekend.

In regards to the Girl scouts they would be occupying a public space I assume? While the other people are taking advantage of the time, effort, and expenditures of the Girl Scouts, the buyer is just as evil in you analogy for having chosen to purchase from them rather then having the only option of purchasing from the singular vendor the Girl Scouts.

However, what if one of those other vendors is simply trying to do whatever he can to raise money to pay for a much needed surgery for his dying child, are they still a cheater and scammer lacking of any moral fiber?? What if they are simply trying to make money to buy a new car which will be purchased from salesman at a dealership who if had not made that sale would have been fired and with out a job his family would have lost their home.

Also when the Girl Scouts sell their cookies every year do you write letters of protest to Kraft Foods and Kellogg demanding they halt cookie production, less they be viewed as scammers and cheaters? Or is the the Girl Scouts with their over priced novelty cookies the ones that stealing business from a productive business member who employees thousands of workers around the country year round??

As for the Maple Leaf, no not all vendors pay a fee, some who set up on people's private property do not, as all the Private Business who profit from the festival have the right to use the area in front of their storefront to increase their own sales.

L&M cafe is a prime example, here is a business that is shuttered for what seems like 362 days out of the year and opens for just two days during the Maple Leaf Festival to sell it's breakfast and lunch fare, they by your standards are cheaters and scammers, since they are stealing business from the other Non-Profits who sell food at the Festival, but perhaps for that owner and their family this is the one chance every year they have to make money to support themselves.

Your simple and somewhat selfish view lacks any depth of real world actions or consequences. The ethics of both sides are flawed when you demand through moral beratement that they cede to your wishes, you can't hold a town hostage for weekend demanding tribute or be labeled a parasite, with out being just as morally bankrupt as those that would use the volunteer efforts of a select group of people who are trying to do nothing more then support their favored organization.

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I guess 1776attorney only consider this the land of the free as long as you agree with him, outside of that your a "cheater and a scammer"

I used to find most of your arguments well thought out and filled with some level of integrity, but this one is completely with out any. The idea that I must surrender my private property rights simply because you demand it for you personal project is disgusting.

I guess everyone should cover their ears every day unless they donate money to the church less they use the bells when they chime every hour to inform the townsfolk of the hours passing??

What about all the business that benefit from the Maple Leaf Festival, are they also "cheater and scammers", since they make no donation or give part of the extra income they earn that weekend to the Festival or all he residents on High who set up booths in their front yard, do they all HAVE to pay the Festival for that right??

Seriously, you need to step back and examine who is lacking in ethics and morals here my friend, because at this time it appears to be you.

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Company pitches contract bus service to Baldwin USD 348 board

1176attorney, I hope you are right about Dorathy being run out of town, after the mess he has made here with cutting education funding in order to keep additional non-educational programs and buildings.

I would say he should be ashamed for what he has done, but having talk to the man on several occasions, I have realized he is a tried and true snake oil politician who feels no remorse for undermining the quality education once provided to the children of this community.

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Baldwin HIgh School students could soon trade textbooks for iPads

One would think an eReader would be much better option and quite a bit less expensive then the iPad, you can buy quality eReader or even Android based tablet online all day for under a $100 each.

Even better is a laptop, windows based laptops are on sale all day from several brick and mortar stores for under $300.

While I think updating how we disseminate the information to the children via an electronic method is a good idea it sounds to me like Dorathy has done hardly any research on the topic or even tried to find the best solutions for the kids and the tax payers.

By the way I have not seen it posted anywhere, but has Dorathy revealed the official tallying of savings from closing the two outlying schools yet??

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Baldwin City Police Department to put extra manpower on street to enforce seat belt laws

I guess it's time to make up for lost revenue....more taxation by Ticket.

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Baldwin USD 348 board cool to new multi-use building

Why bother selling Marion School, just use it for the district need to put an elevator in a single story building.

This district and it's leadership is hilarious....we need a new building since we have three empty ones and lets not sell one of them so we can use it for meaningless extra curricular activities that only benefit a minority of students.

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Baldwin City Police Department acquires Hummer

Actually you can search for the article on the signal that indicates that we have hardly any crime in Baldwin, in fact I think the article states they had a rash of auto break ins but all that was taken was loose changes and CD's.

Baker has little real crime as well, give the small community and they also have their own security on campus.

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While it might seem excessive, they did a good job of obtaining it on the cheap....however I still feel the so called "public safety budget" is a little bloated given that absolute lack of crime in Baldwin.

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