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BHS boys basketball coaches resign together

This keep those coaching changes seperate. The baseball coach needed to go he was not good for the kids at all, and no I am not a parent who has a ax to grind (I do not have a child in the District). I saw pitchers abused with the number of pitches throw, I saw him embrass the program by getting ejected from games, and numerous other things. The basketball issue is more about everyone is a expert and knows more than the coach. I think blaming the A.D. is a reach and if you have a problem with him go address it with him or his boss. Blaming him for parents comments and actions is not fair in todays sports. I do agree that we will have a difficult time in replacing these 3 coaches and with no teaching positions open well you do the math (Rule 10 coaches is not a good situation at all). In this case I feel the coach proably made some mistakes but he is a young coach and I wish he would have taken the approach of maybe I can change some things and improve the program. But in no way do I fault him for not coming back, why would you want to spend the time and effort that it takes today and be underappreciated for the time and effort. Yes it is a problem but I do not think it is a part-time A.D.'s problem. And you know what else, the parent issue, it will only get worse. Some Rule 10 coach who thinks he is Bill Self is not the answer long term for these kids. This remember numerous people wanted Bill gone after his losses to the B's a few years ago, look how that worked out.

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School board hears BHS girls soccer program proposal

I agree that sports are a important part of a childs education, my point is DOLLARS, were do we get them. If we need to add another sport then we need to drop a sport that has low numbers. People, we are going to have less money next year than this year and less the year after that. The cuts are going to be deep just to get us thru the 2011-12 school year, so if we add we need to subtract simple Budget 101. We have made decisions like this for years, it will not cost anything for 3 years, then in 3 years what do we do at time. My point is think about every dollar we spend current and future.

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School board hears BHS girls soccer program proposal

Great Idea, but how could anyone think about spending more dollars today. We have no idea how much we will have for schools, let alone adding a sport. Yes they will fund the program for 3 years but then who has to pick it up then, the schools. We really need to look at cutting a couple of sports and reducing asst. coaches in some sports. If we have a title nine issue then we should look at cutting a boys sport, that is what is happening in the colleges, they are not adding anything, I think Baldwin should follow that lead. Once you add a sport it is difficult to get rid of the program, I would really like to see the school board take a wait and see approach for a couple of years and see how the state funding might change. Folks the budget is serious this not add to the problem.

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Signal readers invited to vote on 2010's top local stories

We have gotten so spoiled by the cross country teams that another state title (each) doesn't even make the list. Mike you have set the bar pretty high. The other Mike takes his football team to the final 8 and it does not get a mention either. We are spoiled in Baldwin by our kids, national championships, state championships in all kinds of activties related to our high school, I can see why so many people want to do away with these types of worthless activities.

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Future of rural schools decision looms Monday night

Let me get this correct, our taxes are high now because of the cuts we could make next year. Wow.

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