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Baldwin High School football coach 'big kid' who hates to lose

We are lucky to have both Mike's. Both coaches are better people than coaches, and both are excellent coaches. Nice article.

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Baldwin USD 348 board cool to new multi-use building

Thank you for listening. Someone needs to lead this District to some fiscal responsiblity.

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Concerns may end PACs use as Baldwin City's community storm shelter

Why were these questions not asked when we took the money, this is why our school district is where it is today no planning. This is sad but not surprising, when someone gives you 4.5 million dollars you are expected to give a little back. The district needs to step up and take care of this, they took the money they should take care of the people period. What are we talking about 25 hours of OT per year or 4.5 million dollars tough choice.

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Bulldogs fall 47-32 in Baldwin Invitational finals

Be careful we might not get this in the future. Yes Jimmy did a Great Job but things have changed and many of the towns in our area do not have a paper at all now.

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BHS boys soccer falls to Rose Hill

Great year, Many for to come.

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USD 348 utility bill for July doubles from 2010

It is very easy to waste money when it is not yours, tremendous leadership.

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Regardless of what happen the Library is no place for a dog or pet. We all have pets and they stay at home while we work. We cannot predict how a animal will react. This situation sounds like a non-issue but it still needs to be dealt with and a policy put in place no animals except in a special situation. The City cannot handle a lawsuit, we have enough problems. The Schools also need to do the same, we have a school which will also have animals at the school while kids are present. I love animals this is just not the time or place.

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Larger class sizes still focus of USD 348 school closing critics

My point was how is every other School District in the area teaching kids with class sizes in the 22- 28 range based on Grade. They have been teaching kids with these class sizes for sometime. Lawrence has been at 28-30 for 15 years in some buildings. I might agree that 15 is better than 24 but we must live within our means. California numbers were much larger than what we are talking about. Most areas would kill for 22-28. Plus I am not sure any study done in CA is worth the time or effort to review. Bottom line our teachers will need to learn how to teach a larger class size.

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Larger class sizes still focus of USD 348 school closing critics

How does the class size (24) work in Eudora, Desoto, Gardner, Olathe, Shawnee Mission, Blue Valley, and of course Lawrence they are already at these sizes.. How do these others teachers get this done? I think if it is that difficult I would find another district to teach at next year, we( the district) will have no problem finding a teacher that can handle 24 children. Get a clue we have NO DOLLARS why is this so difficult to see and understand.

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Letter to the editor

All Mike said was this be honest about our intentions. If you want the school open or closed. Just let us know which way the wind is blowing. That is not hard.

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