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when was the last time a tornado hit Baldwin City?

I witnessed a funnel form behind my parent's home in the summer of '92. It "approximately" occurred 1 mile east of the Hwy 56 / High Street / N 250 Rd juncture. Note I did not witness this funnel form into a tornado; however, I did witness a characteristic vortex that protruded from a low ceiling. From memory I estimate the ceiling to have been approximately 240 meters AGL (above ground level) with the funnel obliquely projecting approx. 80-120 meters from the ceiling. In terms of radius I'm much less certain: maybe 10-20 meters. Moreover the ceilings vector was something akin to ESE at roughly 40 kph. As I was not made aware of a tornado ESE or toward Edgerton during that timeframe, I presume it never formed fully.

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