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City council balks at sales-tax pitch from committee

Repairs are always going to be a part of life in any town. If that is what the tax is for, spell it out. I agree with an ealier post saying this isn't the time for "prettying up". The downtown renovation, while needed, IMHO overreached, literally, it is difficult to check for traffic at a few of the downtown stop signs, due to those pretty lobes they decided to extend at each corner. There was a time, not terribly long ago when Baldwin was thriving with downtown shops, the Arts and the like. Right now all roads do not lead to Baldwin, and it's time to accept we aren't the next gardner...and be very darn happy about that. I think applying the tax to the electric plant paydown would be great. As it stands, if this is a tax for the sake of taxing, no thanks. Geez small town governments are amateur.

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Let's get on same SRO page

Evidently someone had my post removed. I have not come here to be either combative or vulgar. I set out only to participate in a discussion. I had a take of a different angle on this story, essentially asking for discussion and input over issues that weigh on my mind. It was a lengthy post which I do not have the desire to re-type.

My apologies to whoever sought to eliminate my post, for whatever reason, and for your edification, I'll not be returning.

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Bulldogs fall to 0-5 after homecoming loss

Hey, the Boys need our support, not the sole of our shoe in their face. They lost a good Senior Class, and there are only 5 Seniors on this year's team. This team is young and learning. It is a process. They cannot run single wing now because the biggest holes are on our offensive and defensive lines (In my view). The point is Losing hurts worse than winning feels good, at 0-5, I am sure deep down they are feeling snakebit, and as mistakes begin to happen in a game it is so easy for the "here we go again" thoughts to start creeping in.

Let's leave the motivation and critique up to Coach Berg (a fine man and coach) and keep cheering for our team. If you're going to be fairweathered, they are not your team, and need none of your input. Go to the games, thank the Boys, and the Cheerleaders, and encourage them. Most of all let them know they are winners to us no matter what a scoreboard says, and Baldwin is behind our Bulldogs 100% Go Dogs!

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

One clarification. I do not want Baker University to go anywhere. It is a huge part of the beauty of this town, culturally as well as visually. Without it, we would be Edgerton, cultural sinkhole of Johnson County. In many ways Baker is one of the Jewels in the Crown, so I do not wish to sound like a Wildcat basher, Id just like to see some things improve for the community as a whole.

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Debunking 'Baker vote' myth

I have dubious feelings about students voting on city issues involving city level taxation in particular. I voted against the measure, not because of those evil taxes that will kill us all (sarcasm). I voted against it because I saw the plan as an unfocused, scatterbrained scheme that seems to be preparing for a population influx that I seriously doubt will happen anytime soon.

I have no issue at all with students voting. I want every eligible citizen to vote, but I would like to see what the statistics are regarding how many Baker students make their home here after graduation. From some of the earlier statements, you would have the idea that so many stay that we will be pushing a population of 20,000 in 4 years. I do not believe this is the case. I have no stomach to disenfranchise anyone eligible to vote

The only bone I have to pick with Baker students would be their willingness to take jobs in the community, with the side effect of BHS students having quite a difficult time finding employment, but that's competition I suppose. What exacerbates this for me is that since my first year here in 1974, I have rarely seen Baker students supporting community businesses, if they would give a little bit to the economy they earn from, imagine how vibrant downtown could be. Remember having a Movie Theatre?, Bowling alley? The Flipper Dipper? It seems back then students from the University did spend more dollars and free time here. Heck yes Lawrence is fun for students, but if you are eager for political involvement in the community, get eager to contribute to it as well as earning from it, its a 2 sided coin.

I will even put my chips on the table and say as a renter, I have dubious feelings about voting in property tax issues, but then again, Ive been here 35 years, and am only likely to move to Olathe Cemetary when I do move again. Plus Im certain the tax will get passed on to me via rent increases.

Please someone tell me how a meaningful amount of tax revenues come from Baker Students. I have 2 sons in College on the East Coast, and other than sales tax, they pay squat because they are not property owners and they are dependents.

Baker may wish to decide whether they want the $11,000 a year lease USD 348 pays for use of Liston Stadium, or enjoy the gouging added since the improvements (though the sound system was evidently downgraded to Kraco Speakers) and live with some inconveniences that come from a shared facility.

Tony, do you recall our discussion at the candidates forum at Baker last fall about casting pearls before swine? I know its cryptic, but I hope you remember. I for one am a very private person and I will remain anonymous regardless of opinions. If I ever cast personal aspersions upon anyone, I will not do it anonymously, but thats not my mode. I am not keen on internet pi$$ing contests anyway so, Au revoir, Aloha and Goodbye Signal Blog.

Play nice, Kids.


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I feel Fall in the Air

What a coinkidink. I just received some custom oils from my paintmaker in Brooklyn, Robert Doak. I have my French Easel, brushes, glazes, turps and canvas ready to go on my powerchair to find a good scene for a Plein Art piece. I am glad and heartened that Baldwin has within its bounds a batch of truly creative people.

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Appoint Chris Nichols!!

hellothere, I know a handful of people who know him pretty darn well. You say you don't know him, and will give him th benefit of the doubt. You must have come to know him by your next sentence when you claim that there were false posts about him. Not knowing him, how could you know?

I would like to encourage you to follow another thread if the conversation does not suit you. I, and no one else is here for your purposes. This is a conversation. You don't have to like it. You don't have to read it. As long as there is no profanity, threats or harassments, I am all for as open a discussion as a group wants to have. It must be sad living your life pissed at an open discussion that has statements you disagree with.

But keep pushing for that censorship...perhaps you can have the Orwellian world you seem to desire.

greyghost - the law of averages dictates that at least 3 or 4 good people would live in Wichita. Whether they have plans to move or not, I couldn't tell you.

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Appoint Chris Nichols!!

Let's not blame all of Wichita for one regrettable individual. Yes, I know it's mostly a pit, but better people do come from there. It would also be letting Bayer off easily to blame his ineptness and scandals on the city that had the great fortune to give birth to him.

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Appoint Chris Nichols!!

I think this appointment process is a bit sketchy at best. Wagner cites Bayer's knocking on 85% of the doors in Baldwin as a qualification. If that is the case, I know of at least 3 high schoolers and one Baker student that are likely more qualified for the post. Legally this isn't pay-to-play on Wagner's part, but it has the exact same stink about it. (hey we can have our own Blago!)

Instead of rewarding a campaign crony, how about rewarding the city by appointing the experienced Nichols? Obviously he had the support of an even amount, minus eight of the voting public. (perhaps Wagner is afraid to have intelligent representation on the council he has to deal with) Bayer was on no Ballot, and has a dubious record in public service in Baldwin at best.

Though he would add another neophyte (a bumbling one at that) to a City Council full of members with no experience whatsoever, Bayer did, however, at the time a 1 year carpetbagger, serve on the Library Board, during which time he tried to get long time employees fired, and ultimately quit his post (I think he was Board President at that point) by setting a box of Library paperwork and other materials he had of theirs in a box outside the Library when it was closed. That was how he announced his leaving the post.

I would like to think Our Mayor would have the maturity to do the right thing rather than paying back a door knocking favor that he could have gotten virtually anyone to do.

The last point for me, besides experience is that I feel there should be a better representation of lifelong, or long time Baldwin residents, with a sense of history and tradition on the City Council.

I Implore everyone to attend the Council Meeting, and speak up to the Mayor and Council about this regrettable choice, perhaps we can avoid the city budget from getting rain smeared when Bayer decides to leave this post in the classy manner he left the Library Board.

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