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Flat first half costs Baldwin against Spring Hill

We have a big play offensive?

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Baldwin loses to St. James in battle of unbeatens

"...They were playing without two of their best players and stayed in the game.” - St. James Coach Tom Radke.

Stayed in the game? It seems to me that you have that backwards, there, Ace. Your team trailed until the 4th Quarter. I would say that it was your team that stayed in the game, and took advantage of opportunities. Class isn't just something that happens between bells, there Coach. I think you might wanna take it easy on your own Kool-Aid, or you will soon by your words, "stay in a game", perhaps more often than you'd like.

He sounds like a young coach. Congratulations to the team. You'll not have such fortune in our house. Your team, if we are going to tell the truth, did a good job of staying in the game, caught and exploited breaks when needed. Finally, coach Radke?, I'd work on the interview skills, were I you. Class dismissed.

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Polls open Tuesday for city, school board elections

I meant to post this a few days before, but I have strong concerns on the motivations of Robin Bayer, who aside from a stepchild that dropped out, has never had a student in the USD 348, or any other district.

This smacks of one of 2 things. Either it is merely a property tax issue for him, or it is ambition. It seemed when he was appointed to the City Council by Ken Wagner, most were very upset that he didn't run for the office, and questioned his bonafides greatly. I think he has ambitions in this town, and has since arrival. That is fine. I am relatively sure he knew he would be defeated if he ran for Council, based on previous extensive complaint. I am guessing he may have thought School Board may be simpler, and create an inroad for him to grow politically in Baldwin.

As far as I am concerned, I only voted for people whom I know don't just have property tax complaints, but people that have REAL skin in the game, and that would be student parents, parents with future students, even parents whose children have graduated BHS, but someone who has never and will never have a student in this district just cannot get my vote.

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Baldwin High football a team of power

Ok...Last time, I promise, but I found what I hoped to find....from the Louisburg Herald Online:

Spring Hill Broncos’ head coach Anthony Orrick said after the game that Nathan hit the ground “pretty hard with his head” during a routine play, then came to the sideline. “He sat down on the bench,” the coach said. “He then stood up, but his legs went underneath him, and he collapsed there.”

Nathan had suffered a concussion earlier in the season that, combined with other injuries, kept him out for several weeks, Orrick added.

As a dedication to Nathan Stiles, football players from five Frontier League schools — Paola, Louisburg, Baldwin, De Soto and Eudora — are planning to wear No. 44 stickers on their helmets during the playoffs.

That's the Class I knew we had.

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Baldwin High football a team of power

One thing I meant to say but forgot. I have a very heavy heart for the family of the deceased young man, his team and school. I also hurt for the player from the opposing team who delivered the hit. I feel for him a lot. What normally would have been a good play will likely stay with him throughout his life. I pray that all those affected by this tragedy find peace in their own, best way.

Go Bulldogs, and stay healthy. It would be a nice tribute in the remaining playoffs, to have a black band or the number of the lost player on the jerseys of the participating teams.

Sorry to have drifted off topic on this, but having 2 sons that also played just brought that very close to home for me. My youngest stopped playing due to a mild concussion in his freshman yr because the effects from it scared him a lot. I was glad he made that decision.

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Baldwin High football a team of power

Of course its more fun. Id rather see the term "I love to deliver a pancake block, or a crushing block." The other words were a tad barbaric considering our league has the horribly sad distinction of having one of our member teams (Spring Hill) players lose his life in their last game. I really was troubled that a talented young man only made national news for being the first (and hopefully only) loss of life In High School Football in the US this year.

Now our young man at BHS didn't mean anything as dreadful as that, of course not. Coach Berg keeps a classy team on the field. It could have been said after the game while he was still amped up from competition, I don't know. I sorta suspect Coach may have a chalk talk about what you do and don't say to the press, if more is said of it. I do know they are instructed to do no interviews after a loss, and with obvious brings intense emotions into an intense contest, and we must remember, these are still kids...we all probably remember saying things when we were that age that we wouldn't say now.

So in a long winded way...more than likely an innocent statement that fell victim to bad timing with the news from Spring Hill.

p.s. Whats this Next. crap? are you appointing yourself de facto board moderator? Then again, a self absorbed person is never lonely :)

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We will back Tom Holland

Damn Skippy, GreyGhost...I cannot add a word to that, Molto Bella!

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For Sale

But wait....if you spend 20 dollars with me today, I will spend 20 dollars with you and also include the name ShamWow, you just pay the additional shipping and handling.

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Where is your favorite spot to view fall foliage around Baldwin City?

Clarence Herpich took me to this place when I was in High School, claiming it had the most colorful Maples of anywhere in the area. I couldn't agree more. The Vinland Valley is a beautiful panorama, but Count's Farm has it when it comes to luminous, almost fiery looking Maples. They also photograph beautifully.

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Letters to the Editor

"And, if anyone captures proof of this deceipt, I would have hoped they would take the responsible action and inform us. We all take this seriously - to identify when someone isn't meeting up to the standards."

I have one panoramic photo of downtown that should suffice for this purpose.

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