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Baldwin High School coach selected to hall of fame

Congratulations Coach! Well deserved.

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Baker University's food service director retiring after 26 years

Congratulations on a great career Mr. Bowersox! Enjoy your retirement!

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USD 348 Performing Arts Center set to open ahead of schedule

Wow! It looks great! Doing school and community plays in the (now) junior high all through school at Baldwin was fun, but even 10 years ago we were busting out of the auditorium. I hope to see a show next time I'm around visiting!

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What was the top Baldwin City story of 2010?

The biggest news of the moment is the closing of VES and MSES, but the students who won the design challenge and got to meet and present to the President is truly outstanding. Way to go!!

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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

Uhm....maybe a police officer being present at the meeting wasn't such a bad idea. Check out what happened at a Florida school board meeting.

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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

Ahhh, so then those staff members I was talking about will not be given other opportunities in the district?

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School board closes rural elementary schools by 5-2 vote

This is kinda sad to hear. I was a BES bullpup, but my good friends are vinland/marion springs alums. They are such cute little schools. Cutting the costs of the buildings makes sense, but aren't there going to need to be more school buses for those kids? Also, will the staff at Vinland and Marion Springs be offered jobs in the district? Some of those staff members are the best educators. I would be deeply saddened if their talents weren't recognized and they weren't incorporated in to the moves as well.

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new resturant in Baldwin

I had a fantastic experience. We came in a party of 6 and there was a big table open for us to sit right down. We were there to enjoy each other's company and relax. We ordered almost the entire appetizer list, beers, and then wandered around to check the place out. We were able to order dinner just as the apps were coming out. Everything was timed out perfectly. The music was great, everyone was friendly,the food was tasty, and we had a wonderful night out. It wasn't much unlike a dinner at Free State Brewery say. Yeah, it may take a while, but we were there for the experience not to be hurried in and out. If you want fast food, I think McDonald's could help you out across the street. As with any new restaurant, I'm sure they have some kinks to work out.

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Maple Leaf pageant crowns two winners

I agree. What are the qualifications to enter? If Miss Post was from Topeka and goes to KState what ties does she have to Baldwin City? and after first glance of her profile picture on facebook, it's pretty obvious she is chasing a crown...or a page in sports illustrated.

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