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Architect offers to draw plans for Baldwin Junior High auditorium remodel at no cost

The bond was passed to build a new school not to remodel another school! The money should be used to pay debt down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The school is not doing the voters of this community right, and if the improvement is made, this will come back to haunt the school system in the end.

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USD 348 school board approves salary raises

It's good as mentioned in the article that they will have extra money for Dec and Xmas! But has anyone thought about the seniors in our are which are fighting higher prices on food and etc. just to survive and no pay increse for 3 years! It's good to be a public employee and not of the private sector these days.

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High utility bills cutting into USD 348 budget

The school is like the federal gov. To large to fail! Wasn't this figured into budget when all the schools were built? Sounds to me like no planning!!!

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Lies and the Lying Liar School Board Members that Tell Them

Maby you should have considered what is really needed instead of what was wanted! Live within your means and then the cuts by the state could have been handled better. The local school board is like our federal goverment (Out of Control on spending)

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Are you disappointed Baldwin City isn't having its annual fireworks show?

So sad that no fire works were planned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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Can't support either sales tax

Ok Speaks Slow Todiots to answer your comment, I have attended a council meeting one in the 30 years I have lived here and really don't plan on attending another one after the way I was treated. Like other comments here, you must be a council member or city administrator to make comments like your's. I never commented on sites like this until after I attended a council meeting. And now I will continue to make comments without calling anyone names. I'm glad for you that you are confortable paying the high utility bills, high taxes, and always 10 to 15 cents a gallon higher in gas cost in Baldwin. I for one don't understand why everything here has gotten so out of line. We as voters need to say enough is enough and send a message to the council and school board.

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Can't support either sales tax

I understand there are always projects which can be completed with additional tax money and understand the city fathers asking for the additional revenue. But I have't heard one word from the council or city manager on what the city has done to reduce cost! Times are tough right now, and it would be better for the council and the residents of Baldwin if the spending was curtailed at present time. Also I assume the city fathers have shelved the 11.5 percent increase in the water rates until after the sales tax issue has been voted on. It's time we send a message to the council that it's time to conserve instead of spend spend spend! It's time Baldwin lives within it's means with no new taxes.

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Sales tax forum draws crowd

I understand what the council is asking isn't much in taxes, and that there are projects which can be completed with the added tax but there is one thing I haven't heard from the city fathers or the city manager! That is what has been done to curtail spending to prevent continued increases in taxes and the looming 11.5 percednt increase on water which was purposed earlier this year. Baldwin has a reputation of passing all these added taxes, and I feel it's time to send a message to the city fathers to reduce the spending to help all residents through these tough times.

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City council balks at sales-tax pitch from committee

It's time to send the council and the school a message! It's time to tighten the spending instead of spending more! When you are on fixed income, and no social security increase for next two years, and it seems like the city and school are spending like nothing is going on! Wake UP!

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City council opts for pair of sales tax questions

It's time the residents of Baldwin to tell the city fathers enough is enough! More sales tax, and talk of a 11.5 percent increase on electricity! We are the highest taxed city in Douglas county now! The city fathers remind me of the housing crunch spend, spend spend! It must stop!! Lets all get out and vote this time around and send a message on increased taxes!!!

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