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BHS principal, boys basketball head coach hired

Toot resigned because he felt it was his time to resign. He did it for the kids, not himself. He also had a loyal coaching staff that followed his move.
It was ONE parent that put pressure on him through an email, not several.
If Toot was "very, very good," then what why the 6 & 7 win seasons?

If you really want to get a good coach, maybe the district should have more than just a supplemental salary to offer. For example, facilities that have been taken care of over the years, money for the activity budget, and administrators that back coaches? Oh, that's right, that's about to happen for the HS Coaches with their new admins. They hope.

There are kids that played for Toot that loved him, give the new guy a break and let's see what he's got to offer the next group of student athletes. And give the student athletes some hope that things will turn around.

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