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USD School Board considering cutting busing inside city limits

You do not need to cancel bus service. CHARGE FOR THE BUSING! There are lots of school districts that tell parents "If you want your child to ride the bus, it will cost $150.00 for the year."
What do you think of that??? Like this forum will cause anything to happen! I bet if you want something done, I guess you better find out when the next School District Meeting will be and make your "opinion" known to the people who can do something about it. Hey, didn't we just elect new people to that board??? :)

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Rural school families remain skeptical; Baldwin parent group trying to reach out

What are we teaching our children? When parents and teachers have to restrain students from going up to our superintendent because some one taught them to say, "That is the man that closed our schools." This happened when superintendent Paul Dorathy was visiting the outlying schools. I cannot believe how we, as "adults", allow such actions. I am very sad that I had to witness this behavior. I hope that we take time to understand what has happened and remember to walk a mile in Paul Dorathy's shoes. I bet you would be glad not to have his job!

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Mediacompost update

You all can say what you want. I dumped Mediacom when Centurylink came to town to tell us back around the first of the year that we have a choice for internet. I have been with them since it was offered in Baldwin and I love it. I do get a chuckle when people come by to use my internet because Mediacom is down!

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School board listens to patrons at public hearing

Can we cut through the mush? IF YOU KEEP THE OUTLYING SCHOOLS OPEN, ALL OF US WILL PAY MORE TAXES, AND MORE EDUCATION PROGRAMS WILL BE CUT. Thats it. If you close the two schools, you still will have to pay more taxes, but you still might have programs for the kids to use. Do you know in other states, parents PAY to have their kid picked up by the school buses. Do you know in other states, parents pay out the wazoo to have their kids play sports. Some parents pay $100.00 plus uniform costs to let their kid play. Let alone pay for the insurance for their kid if they get injured. You could be paying for all the things you get for free.
If you don't like it, you can vote to dissolve the district and we would be taken over by another larger district. Then you all will be very happy. You know there are openings for new board members coming up. I am sure one of Baldwin's outspoken people will take up the torch and become a board member. After all, who doesn't like to be abused and called stupid?
I am applying myself to become a board member. You should be! www.kasb.org
If you open that link, what do you see? Oh my! The state of Kansas is going to cut state aid to school districts. Ladies and Gentlemen, open your wallets and purses!

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