Obama's inauguration The 44th President: Jan. 20, 2009

Many will watch in Lawrence

During the election, Democrats partied at Abe and Jake’s Landing as the returns came in. More parties will be had for the inauguration — and Obama’s impact on America will undoubtedly be felt here as well.

Some blacks prepared for celebration for months

Asante Bradford gave his bosses nearly three months notice that he would not be at his desk on Jan. 20. A day after Barack Obama’s historic presidential win, Bradford knew he wanted to be able to whoop it up when Obama was sworn in as the nation’s first black chief executive — and that he couldn’t do that at work.

African-Americans see hope in Obama White House

Barbara Ballard said that while growing up during the Civil Rights era she always believed that during her lifetime the United States would elect a female president and an African-American president.

Details of economic stimulus package eagerly awaited

As Barack Obama prepares to become the 44th President of the United States, most political observers are betting that his administration’s signature piece of legislation is already in the hopper. Even before it has been hatched, the expected economic stimulus package is being labeled as the largest public works project since the creation of the U.S. interstate system.

Can Obama make change happen?

Outside observers agree — it’s pretty likely that newly-minted President Barack Obama will be able to deliver on the change he has promised the country. At least parts of it, anyway.


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