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New coach to take helm as Baldwin soccer opens Friday at Tongie
August 26, 2015
The Baldwin High School soccer team will start the season Friday at Tonganoxie with a new coach at the helm. Coach Mark Joslyn gave up the reins of the Bulldog program after gilding the team to four-straight 1A-4A state tournament berths, including a trip to the state final four in 2013.
11 seniors set to lead Baldwin High School football team’s defense of league crown
August 26, 2015
Baldwin High School football fans will get a peek at the team’s new offense when the Bulldogs take to the Liston Stadium field at 7 p.m. Friday for the annual purple-white game.
Baldwin City Police Department investigating tire slashings
August 25, 2015
The Baldwin City Police Department is asking residents for help in finding the person or people responsible for a recent rash of tire slashings.
Rainbow Experince Preschool offering Baldwin City something new
August 24, 2015
New things happening inside the Rainbow Experience Preschool started with the installation last spring of playground equipment in its back yard. Chelsea Bradbury, Rainbow director, said when the nonprofit preschool began its year last week in conjunction with the start of Baldwin school district’s academic year, it offered an all-day option for the first time.
Three Baldwin City teens on pointe in the Big Apple
August 19, 2015
Five weeks spent this summer in New York City opened Emma Niehoff’s eyes to what was possible with dance. Niehoff was one of three Baldwin City teens who spent time this summer in New York City taking part in Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive programs. Niehoff, Amelia Murray and Rachel Lewis, who all call the Baldwin Academy of Dance and Voice home, successfully auditioned for enrollment in the summer progams, which provided a glimpse into the life of the professional dancers who led their instruction and whom they saw perform on various Manhattan stages.
Delays in two sports venue projects prompt practice Baldwin Junior High/High school practice reshuffling
August 19, 2015
Baldwin Junior High and High school sports teams are reshuffling or improvising practice sites with two summer projects continuing into the school year.
Conceptual plan for new public works complex shared with Baldiwn City Council
August 19, 2015
The Baldwin City Council was presented Monday with a conceptual plan for a new public works complex at a time when residents are being surveyed about what new building projects they would support. The conceptual plan was shared Monday to give the council members an idea of what the city could get for $2 million should they decide to go ahead with the project.
Baldwin City Council approves $175,000 sewer line extension for industrial park
August 18, 2015
In what was a mulligan on a do-over, the Baldwin City Council voted 5-0 Monday to construct a sewer to the industrial park for an estimated $175,000. If the sewer line project sounds familiar, it’s because the same sewer line was to be part of a proposed voluntary annexation the council considered last month.
Baldwin City woman excited about Africa posting
August 12, 2015
After having trained in Thailand and the Middle East, Brooklyn Cole will leave Baldwin City next month to travel to northern Kenya with the goal of spreading the gospel.
Vinland girl finds passion at circus school
August 11, 2015
At 15 years of age, Sylvan Mitchell rediscovered the joy of playgrounds. “Once you go to circus school, you can’t walk by a playground again without thinking ‘there’s a bar I can do something on,’” she said.

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Work started this month on the 8-foot-wide mixed use trail from 11th Street to the BESIC. The completion of sidewalk has the Baldwin City Council looking at ways to enhance safety at the 8th Street crosswalk on US Highway 56.

Baldwin High School football team members cool down Thursday with watermelon the Knights of Columbus provided at the end of practice. Fans will get a peek at this year's team at the annual purple-white game Friday.

Karley Moutney readies to make use of the slide in the Rainbow Experience Daycare's new playground, which was installed last spring. With the playground in place, Rainbow is offering an all-day option for the first time.

Phil Hannon

Workers laid strips of new flooring Tuesday on the Baldwin Junior High School Gymnasium. The work continued into the school year when the contractor was delayed in getting to gym and then found problems with sub-floor once the old floor was removed.

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