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Full week of tennis action for Baldwin squad
April 18, 2001
It was a busy week for the Baldwin High School boys tennis team this past week. The team played on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at the Bonner Springs Singles and Doubles Tournament, and the Paola junior varsity Tournament.
Cheerleading tryouts set to unfold at Baldwin High
April 4, 2001
Ra! Ra! Ra! It is time again for the selection of the award-winning Baldwin High School varsity cheerleading squad.
Letter jackets are still in style
March 14, 2001
Accomplishments in life have been recognized and awarded to the individuals with much appreciation. In high schools across America, one way of recognizing accomplishments is a long-standing tradition unique to U.S. high schools. Throughout the ages, letter jackets have been symbolic of success and school pride. The letter jacket trend at Baldwin High School has continued through the years. Whether it be for fashion, school pride or warmth … letter jackets are aplenty at BHS.
Rivalries abound in Frontier League
November 21, 2000
We don’t know how it all came about, but rivalry exists within all of us. Competition. Tradition. Pride. School Spirit. A rival is defined as a person who competes with or tries to outdo another; a person or thing that tries to equal another; to prove to be worthy of one another; to equal one another in match; to be competitive.
Humor of musical catches cast, crowd
November 21, 2000
BHS homecoming is bit hit
October 4, 2000
Liston Stadium, packed with Baldwin High School alumni and students alike, was overflowing with high spirits Friday at the showdown with the Anderson County Bulldogs. Homecoming was in the air.
Martin girls shine in academics, activities
September 13, 2000
It is not uncommon for students to get involved with numerous activities during their high school years. Many students see the value of that involvement. But for students to have a lot of success in all their activities, as well as being straight “A” students, is rare. But two Baldwin High School students, and sisters at that, are prime examples of just that.

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