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Smith wins Yard of Week honors
August 8, 2001
Floyd Smith, who lives at 914 High St., has been a keeper of the earth as long as we’ve known him.
Yard of the Week honors go to the Myricks
July 25, 2001
A raised flowerbed follows the curve of the lot that adjoins the house at 610 10th Street where Jeff and Annette (Galluzzi) Myrick live.
Magnificient ‘water element’ helps Randels win honors
July 18, 2001
The front yard of Carolee and Larry Randel’s home at 232 Elm Street has a variety of attractive flowers.
Yard honors go to Griggs family
July 11, 2001
It’s been hot, hot, hot. Danny and I are searching for a cool, green lawn. The yard at 1111 Chapel Street just fits our mood. It looks cool and inviting on a hot, summer’s day.
Browns take home weekly yard honors
July 3, 2001
This unique home at 403 Chapel Street is painted soft yellow with navy shutters.
Elders win weekly yard honors
June 27, 2001
Kenneth and Rosann Elder’s yard at 720 First Street is the Yard of the Week and even though several people have nominated it, Danny and I have admired this yard week after week because it is well maintained year round .
Yard of the Week award goes to Johnsons
June 20, 2001
Danny and I could see Terri Johnson watering the roses in her backyard as we walked over to see her flowers.
Yard of the Week prize goes to the Collinses
June 13, 2001
Jerry and Brenda Collins have put a great deal of work into their yard at 1221 Summit.
Yard of the Week
Williamses win yard prize
May 31, 2001
Jim and Krystal Williams are long-time residents of Baldwin City but they have lived in their new home on 1217 Elm only 2 1/2 years. Danny and I can remember when they lived on High Street for years because they were on the parade route. They very graciously offered to let Danny (Elmo the Clown) put his clown make up on at their house every year when we lived in the country and couldn’t get into town for the parade because of the traffic. I also remember Krystal as a young Baker student who helped me for class credit when I taught preschool. Now, after all these years, we are nearly neighbors.
Yard of the Week’ to take needed timeout
September 20, 2000
Danny and I have been in Colorado for almost a month. When we returned to Kansas, having missed the hot wind, high temperatures and no rain, we couldn’t believe the way the yards looked in Baldwin City. After driving around town, we decided it might be a good time to discontinue the “Yard of the Week” until we get some fall rains and cooler temperatures.

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