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Book is for the ages
March 23, 2001
The book is old. The spine is faded and the covers are frayed. The pages have yellowed and the print is lighter than it might have been when Alfred Whitman, the inspiratoin for the character of Laurie in “Little Women,” gave “Evenings With the Poets and Sketches of Their Favorite Scenes” to Annie Soule.
Ironing agony resurfaces
March 14, 2001
Ironing did not used to be my favorite thing to do. I was, at one point, obsessed with steaming the wrinkles from my clothing but as I’ve grown older and my “to do” lists are longer, ironing has fallen by the wayside. My wardrobe has benefited from “wrinkle free” slacks and shirts and I’ve learned to pull my shirts out of the dryer to hang-dry. Anymore the only time I will succumb to the ironing board is when my outfit looks like a piece of paper just pulled from the wastebasket of an author.
I’m really indecisive … I think
March 7, 2001
I am indecisive. The time has come that I must admit that to myself and seek help. I was at a sandwich shop last weekend, the kind that makes the sandwiches in front of you. By the time I left the restaurant, I was no longer hungry, but fatigued by a lengthy Q and A session. The questioning began with bread type, then meat, and then condiments. I knew that I wanted a turkey sandwich; that part was easy, but when faced with every vegetable in the garden, every sauce known to man, and a slew of spices, I froze. “Tomatoes, no, olives instead.”
My ‘sport’ with dad is shopping
February 28, 2001
Being McGyver
BJHS students solve problems with creativity
February 28, 2001
The leaders of tomorrow are being taught today at Baldwin Junior High School. The school’s administrators currently in the first stage of its improvement plan are aware of the responsibility needed to provide students with the skills that will make them successful in life.
Ice storm brough beauty, too
February 14, 2001
Baker program series gets theatrical start
February 14, 2001
Baldwin City residents need not venture far to experience quality arts and entertainment this spring. Baker University’s entertainment calendar kicks off with a staged reading of Lorraine Hansberry’s play, “To Be Young, Gifted and Black.” The curtain opens at 7:30 p.m. and runs from Thursday through Sunday in the Darby-Hope Theatre.
I’ve found the car of my dreams
February 7, 2001
Little sister is way too much fun
January 31, 2001
The life of an English major is …
January 10, 2001

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