How did you spend money at the Maple Leaf Festival?

Response Percent Votes
On a turkey leg, funnel cake, brat or other festival food offering.
35% 7
I didn’t spend any money at the festival.
35% 7
I found a couple items I liked at the craft booths.
20% 4
10% 2
Total 20


JM Andy 5 years, 7 months ago

I spent the most money at the carnival because I have a young child. But I wasn't happy about it. I'm fairly new to Baldwin, and I have to say, that carnival is AWFUL. I'd rather see you have none at all. There are minimal rides and the ones there appear to be death traps. I think you'd get a bigger draw to the festival as a whole if you had a "real" carnival. Otherwise, why bother with that nasty, dirty, broken, aged little carnival company? Is it owned by someone's brother-in-law or something? Disappointed.


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