Do you plan on shopping during the city-wide garage sale Saturday?

Response Percent Votes
47% 8
41% 7
11% 2
Total 17


1776attorney 6 years, 11 months ago

The citywide garage sale is an event promoted and organized by the Friends of the Library / Library Board. It's one of their major moneymaking events to support the Baldwin City Library.

The cost for garage sellers to participate is very minimal; something like $5.00. For the fee the garage seller gets listed in the promotional materials and is presented with a pink yard sign to indicate they are authorized to participate and adhering with the rules and promotional guidelines.

Sadly, driving around town there were numerous garage sellers who actively participated in selling their wares but did not pay the participation fee, had no pink yard sign and basically scammed the event. It wasn't just one or two people. It was quite a few.

Out of town shoppers don't really know all the rules and guidelines, but Baldwin City residents do.

I would think these scammers would be ashamed to cheat the Friends of the Library (and thus all city residents), but based on the high number of people who failed to pay their fees and participate legitimately, it seems there are quite a few fellow Baldwin City citizens with no shame at all.

And when you have no official pink yard sign, it's easy to know who they are.


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