Do you celebrate Halloween?

Response Percent Votes
Yes, I decorate my house and hand out candy
37% 18
No, I’m too old for Halloween
18% 9
Yes, I’m the life the party
16% 8
Yes, I’m too old to trick or treat, but my children do
14% 7
No, I don’t need any cavities
12% 6
Total 48


Highstreet 9 years ago

We put an old toilet in an outhouse one year and parked it at 8th & High. There was a manniquin's arm reaching up out of the toilet to flush it and a note that said "Good-bye cruel world!" Anymore, where you gonna find an outhouse?

Oh, the days of my misspent youth...


Peabody 9 years ago

Very funny! This a great Halloween prank -- I'm glad people are this imaginative for the holiday celebration. I hope the current and future "youth" keep up these fine traditions.


Nathaniel Johnson 9 years ago

Great prank highstreet.

I wish there were better options than packaged candy to hand out. I remember when people did caramel apples and home-made treats. I also remember it changing when people became hysterical about people tampering with apples and suddenly it had to be pre-packaged. I never saw how that could possibly prevent tampering but it created a major boost for candy companies. I think it would be just as effective to label the candy you give out with your street address or some means of identifying where the candy came from.


BaldwinDad 9 years ago

I agree it is shame now a days that all your able to safely hand out is prepackaged candy. I miss the days of homemade cookies, caramel apples, rice krispie treats, or cupcakes.

But really who do you think started the rumors of the tampering with homemade candies?? I would bet it was the major candy companies in cooperation with the media who was all too glad to run with it, since they make allot of money from those candy companies who advertise with them. Also remember, our society is becoming based off the concept of fear and consumption make them afraid of something so we can sell them something eles to make them feel safer.

Also it didn't help that their are some people out there looking to sue everyone and their cousin for any minor incident.


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