What was the top Baldwin City story of 2010?

Response Percent Votes
Large snowfall last winter
29% 68
School board closes Marion Springs and Vinland
28% 65
BHS Real World Design wins national championship
16% 39
Tom Holland runs for governor
6% 14
Mill levy increases from city and school district
3% 8
New Baldwin Elementary School Primary Center opens
3% 7
Becky Henderson appears on “Jeopardy”
2% 6
BHS restaurant management team wins state title
2% 5
Ojanguren house destroyed by fire
1% 4
Local fire department turns 100 years old
1% 3
Lumberyard Arts Center phase one is completed
1% 3
JoAnne Fluke TLC special
1% 3
Damaging thunderstorms in May and August
0% 2
Great weather draws large Maple Leaf Festival crowd
0% 2
City council raises electrical rates
0% 1
Total 230


AmyIrenie 9 years, 5 months ago

The biggest news of the moment is the closing of VES and MSES, but the students who won the design challenge and got to meet and present to the President is truly outstanding. Way to go!!


loosecaboose 9 years, 5 months ago

I have tried to vote twice now and both time it said my vote was not valid and not counted.


jgillispie 9 years, 5 months ago

Sorry for the poll not working properly! We tried something new and it didn't work, sorry! I've changed it to now pick the one top story. I know there are a couple stories worthy of this choice, so maybe you can vote a few times, if you can't choose one.


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