Letters to the editor

Letters: Another speech needed
September 24, 2009
A few days ago I watched as our president made a speech to our school kids. I thought it was good, however he should have made another one directed to school teachers and staff of the schools.
Letters to the Editor
September 10, 2009
To the editor: This letter is prompted by the article that appeared in the Baldwin City Signal Sept. 3 entitled “Downtown district rules to be enforced.” I agree 100 percent with the article and hope increased enforcement will reduce the number of violations that have been occurring.
Letters to the Editor
September 3, 2009
To the editor: Labor Day is approaching and that means our local fire fighters will be asking for donations for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Letters to the Editor
August 20, 2009
To the editor: This is an open letter to City Administrator Jeff Dingman, Mayor Ken Wagner and the voters of Baldwin City.
Letter to the editor
August 13, 2009
To the editor: I read, with great interest, the article dated July 16 regarding the meeting with Baldwin City Council, Baldwin School Board, Mayor, Douglas County Commission and Kansas Department of Transportation to discuss concerns over the new 60 mph speed limit on U.S. Highway 56.
Letters to the Editor
July 30, 2009
To the editor: It was with a true sense of revelation that I read that the 1100 block of Elm was a “mess.” For the 23 years I have lived on the block I deluded myself into thinking it a quiet and comfortable place to live.
Letters to the Editor
July 16, 2009
To the editor: It’s high time to give Steve Wilson and the rest of the new officers in the Baldwin Golf Association a pat on the back and a big “thank you” for their outstanding work at the Baldwin City Municipal Golf Course.
Letters to the Editor
July 2, 2009
To the editor: I wanted to share with the community a story involving some very nice people I recently met in Baldwin City.
Letters to the Editor
June 25, 2009
To the editor: This is to all Day Out With Thomas the Tank Engine helpers.
Letters to the Editor
June 18, 2009
To the editor: Baldwin City has a strong tradition of supporting its library, and the Friends of the Baldwin City Library would like to thank the community for their continued support of the Citywide Garage Sale, an annual event that benefits everyone who uses the library.
Letters to the Editor
May 28, 2009
To the editor: Baldwin School Board Members — Thank you so much for listening to your community members and responding with action. Your job is often a thankless one, and I know you’ve taken a lot of heat in the past month.
Letters to the Editor
May 14, 2009
To the editor: On April 25 we hosted Baldwin Safe Night After-Prom at Royal Crest Bowl with a fantastic turn out with lots of food, fun and prizes in an environment that was safe for our students.
Letters to the editor
April 29, 2009
Thanks for author help
Letters to the Editor
April 16, 2009
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