Letters to the editor

Letter to the editor: Community support make iCan Bike camps successful
August 10, 2015
I would like to give thanks to volunteers and sponsors for making Baldwin iCan Bike Camp a success.
Letter to the Editor: New sidewalk appreciated
June 2, 2015
We have lived in Baldwin City now for more than eight years and until now there was no safe place to walk without worries of the constant speeding traffic, noise, etc. Now we do.
LAC Board appreciates help
June 6, 2012
The Lumberyard Arts Center Board of Directors wishes to thank the members of the Baldwin City Fire Department for their efforts during the recent fire.
Citywide garage sale successful
June 6, 2012
On behalf of the Friends of the Baldwin City Library, I am writing to extend our thanks to the Baldwin community for its enthusiastic support of our citywide garage sale.
Letter to the editor
December 29, 2011
To the editor: Despite the disheartening news of the Douglas County United Way being short of its 2011 campaign goal, we want to report that the Baldwin City fundraising campaign exceeded its goal of $24,000 for this year.
Letter: School seeking Kansas items
October 26, 2011
The fourth grade at Aviston Elementary in southern Illinois is learning about the United States and the different environments, climates, resources and highlights found in each region.
Letters to the Editor
May 12, 2011
To the editor: To the person(s) who came and dug through the clothes that were tied in bags left over from the auction in Baldwin, I want to give a “big thanks.”
Letter to the editor
May 5, 2011
To the editor, I am writing regarding the Transportation Committee’s proposal to do away with busing except for the people outside the 2.5-mile area.
Letters to the Editor
April 28, 2011
To the editor, The Baldwin Elementary Primary Center/Intermediate Center PTO sponsored an amazing Sky Art event last week for the children. More than 450 students, staff and parents wearing red and black shirts formed the image of a Red Tail Hawk.
Letter to the editor
April 7, 2011
To the editor: We want to take this opportunity to thank the outstanding teachers, staff, administration and volunteers of the Baldwin PC and IC.
Letter to the editor
March 31, 2011
To the editor: Last night (March 23) at the BOE candidate forum I heard words like “healing the community,” “more transparency,” “better communication” and “quality of education.”
Letter to the editor: Be cautious about scams
March 30, 2011
Remember, if it seems odd or raises red flags, please think carefully before responding. If you have any qualms about sending information or money to a stranger, please call the FBI.
Letter to the editor
January 21, 2011
To the editor: On behalf of the trustees of the Baldwin Education Foundation, I want to express sincere thanks to the Baldwin State Bank and its customers for their donations to the Baldwin Education Foundation through the Baldwin State Bank Bulldog Card.
Letters to the Editor
December 9, 2010
To the editor: After reading the opinions about the proposed district budget cuts on the Baldwin Signal’s website and attending the public hearing, I think I finally have some clear conclusions!
Letters to the Editor
October 21, 2010
Dear Editor, I want to take the opportunity to thank the Baldwin City community for another successful Maple Leaf Festival. The multitude of volunteers that come together to help with the safety, setup and teardown are amazing.