October is bullying prevention month
September 29, 2014
October is Bullying Prevention Month. In the 2014 Kansas Communities That Care Survey, more than 13,000 Kansas students stated they were bullied between one and two times per week, and approximately 2,500 students disclosed being bullied each day. Nationwide, around 160,000 U.S. children stay home from school each day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students (National Education Association).
Letter to the editor: No Wal-Mart in Baldwin
September 29, 2014
Had Wal-Mart’s recent proposal to build an Wal-Mart Express in Baldwin come to fruition, it would surely have altered the community appreciably.
Musings from the Hill 0828
August 25, 2014
As you know, Mom wanted me to write a column for her. I read what follows below to Mom and she agreed it was what she wanted to say in principle. Have I forgotten anything? Is there anything to add? I need to check name spellings. My mother, June Jewett, asked me to explain why she has missed some of her columns to her readers.
Baldwin City Community Fund board thankful for support
August 19, 2014
The Baldwin City community has been very generous to the Baldwin Community Emergency Fund Inc. On behalf of all those that we were able to help, we thank you!
Musing 0821
August 19, 2014
Have you ever hugged a tree? I often turned to my 100 yr. old oaks in my yard in Illinois in times of deep distress. The old oaks seemed to feel my deep need as I leaned on their silent strength.
Musings 0814
August 11, 2014
Kansas is supposed to be hot in summer. Before the blessings of air-conditioning, somehow we endured the hot heavy blanket of summer heat. People coped in different ways. In the cities, people thronged to the parks with blankets and pillows and slept under the stars with never a thought of being mugged. Some set up cots in the basement, and others hung wet sheets over the windows, which did not help unless a breeze was blowing.
Musing 0731
July 27, 2014
I received many responses from my last column regarding old songs from years long gone. If anyone has mementoes from long ago perhaps it is time to consider donation to the history room in the Baldwin City Public Library. A friend supplied me with the words to the school song of Vinland High School.
Musings 0717
July 14, 2014
A change of pace from last week’s history lesson regarding the Declaration of Independence. A chance remark by a friend patrolling Signal Oak Hill set my thoughts on new paths. She had encouraged wild blue flowers blooming in her yard until she was surrounded by them.
Musings 0710
July 8, 2014
What happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence, the brave men who pledged “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honors?” They signed, knowing they could lose their lives and property and in so doing also put their families in jeopardy.
Linwood’s Operation WildLife aiding animals despite challenges
July 2, 2014
Operation WildLife’s 20 years in operation helping injured and sick animals is often tested by financial struggles and the constant influx on animals, but that’s not stopping the organization’s founder or its volunteers.
Musings 0703
June 30, 2014
Long years ago our ancestors fought to secure our independence. When the story is truly realized we should be proud that we stood strong while defying the largest army and navy in the world. Despite the fact that we had no standing army or navy we relied upon a rag-taggle militia backed by legions of men, women and children.
Musing from the Hill 0626
June 23, 2014
Found—the fireflies! One night I sat late upon my deck enjoying welcome cooling night breezes. Summer heat had finally caught up with us. We were wondering what had happened to our normal hot Kansas summers.
Musings from the Hill, June 19
June 16, 2014
If Mike Davis can dodge between rainfalls, the grass will slowly come under control. I know we needed the rain but—as they say in New Jersey —“enough already.” Give us a break
Musing, June 6, 2014
June 2, 2014
I had many comments about the flour sack underwear poem in last week’s column. I did not know that later flour sacks came in a variety of prints. Some were flowered and the difficulties in obtaining just one more sack to finish a garment endangered an entire project.