Musings from the Hill, April 16, 2015
April 14, 2015
It is said “March winds and April showers bring forth sweet May flowers.” March winds hopefully have temporarily ceased, instead we received a final gift of much needed April showers. A blessing for farmers and helpful to alleviate dangerous fires destroying grass lands, crops and homes.
Musings from the Hill, April 9, 2915
April 7, 2015
Many long years ago before the Great Depression, in the roaring twenties, Easter was observed in a far different manner. In New York, Fifth Avenue truly had an elaborate Easter parade. Newspapers pictured couples strolling the Avenue with men in “ spats” (a shoe adornment) accompanied by white-gloved women in elegant hats.
Musings from the Hill, April 2, 2015
March 31, 2015
Do you know March is Women’s History Month? We seem to pass lightly over the fact that rarely is any recognition of women’s part in shaping the destiny of our country.
Musing from the Hill, March 26
March 23, 2015
We are enjoying a welcome burst of spring weather. Lest we forget, March can be “iffy.” I do not believe spring has truly arrived until I hear spring peepers, frogs and trilling in State Lake. When they trill, I relax and believe spring has truly sprung. If the daffodils at my home on the hill on the southern exposure of the garage path push their leaves above ground and violet leaves appear surely “welcome sweet springtime we can greet thee with song and soft notes of bird song will fall on the ear” – (thank you Robert Browning)
Musings from the Hill, March 19
March 16, 2015
Daylight savings began Sunday, March 8. Did you remember to move your clocks forward? Yes, your wristwatches also.
Letter to the editor: Baldwin City Community Theatre disbanding
March 10, 2015
For the past 23 years, the Baldwin City Community Theatre has been entertaining audiences young and old.
Musings from the Hill, March 5, 2015
March 3, 2015
Stormy March has come at last, trumpets lustily blowing to summon wild winds as dry leaves scatter in his path.
Musings from the Hill, Feb. 19, 2015
February 17, 2015
February means more to me than the celebration of Black History Month and the appearance, or lack thereof, of Mr. Groundhog. To me, February is a month to celebrate and commemorate the victories attained by our forebears under our founding father, General George Washington.
Musings from the Hill, Feb. 12, 2015
February 10, 2015
Do we desecrate the memory of the savior of our country, our first president, General George Washington? His birth date is tossed asid, and he is lumped in with all presidents, good or bad.
Musings from the Hill, Feb. 5, 2015
February 2, 2015
Thoughts from here, there and everywhere fly quickly through my mind. What is now considered new was often well known to mankind.
Legislative update
February 2, 2015
Three weeks into the legislative session, and very little (so far) has been done to address the over $757 million in projected budgetary deficits affecting both the current fiscal year 2015 and next year’s FY 2016 budgets. The deficits are there because of one reason – Gov. Sam Brownback’s uber-business friendly tax policies.
Musings Jan. 15
January 13, 2015
A few nights ago, PBS aired an interesting program regarding the control of energy consumption. It behooves us to act now! Did you know that Germany is one of several countries who are far ahead of us in this field, even though they have fewer sunny days and less wind than in the USA?
Musings from the Hill, Jan. 8, 2015
January 6, 2015
Another year has flown away — a time for new beginnings. I was shocked to hear on public radio the frightening news that 70 percent of our nation‘s rivers are polluted.
Kansas court orders more state spending on schools
December 30, 2014
A state district court panel has ruled that Kansas isn’t spending enough money on its public schools to provide a suitable education for every child.