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Grant for playground equipment step toward all-day program at Baldwin City’s Rainbow Experience Preschool
November 24, 2014
A grant awarded Rainbow Experience Preschool last week is a step toward big changes for the 51-year-old Baldwin City nonprofit. Jamie Davis, chairperson of the Rainbow Experience Preschool Board of Directors, said Rainbow received a $15,000 grant from the LiveWell Lawrence Coalition at a Friday banquet that is to be used to help pay for new playground equipment, which she said would be placed to the west of the preschool at the northwest corner of Sixth and Baker streets.
Website established to help rural Baldwin City family who lost home in Nov. 17 fire
November 24, 2014
A website has been established to help a rural Baldwin City family whose home was destroyed by a Nov. 17 fire.
Face to Face: Chelsea Bradbury
November 24, 2014
Face to Face is a weekly feature of The Signal in which we introduce readers to those who live or work in the community.
Baldwin City policewoman puts on gloves for charity
November 17, 2014
It’s unlikely residents will see her wearing it while she’s patrolling city streets, but Baldwin City Police Department Corporal Kim Springer has added a new belt to her wardrobe. It’s a big, shiny belt adorned with a large golden buckle. What makes the belt special is that it has to be earned.
House fire reported near Baldwin Junction
November 17, 2014
Firefighters from several townships are battling a house fire just west of U.S. 59 Highway, about four miles northwest of Baldwin City. The home is located at 1222 North 482 Road in Willow Springs Township. It is approximately seven miles south of Lawrence.
Face to Face: Doug Cheek
November 16, 2014
Each week, the Signal will introduce a resident or someone who works in the community with Face to Face. This week, we meet Doug Cheek.
Baldwin City chamber members told new BNSF intermodal tenants to be announced shortly
November 13, 2014
Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce members were told Wednesday to expect major announcements shortly concerning the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad’s intermodal. Baldwin High School graduate Skip Kalb, BNSF director of strategic development, updated chamber members Wednesday on the BNSF facility in Edgerton at the chamber’s monthly luncheon.
BARN looking for solutions to Baldwin City’s pet concerns
November 12, 2014
It wasn’t until he had surgery on it that Kevin Matthews found a time to share his big heart. “A year and a half ago, I was laid up after heart surgery,” he said. “I couldn’t do anything physical. It was a rare opportunity to do all the things I wanted to do. I always had an animal rescue in the back of my mind. It was the chance to create my own job.”
Fact to Face: Laura Hartman
November 11, 2014
Face to Face is a weekly feature, which introduces those who live and work in Baldwin City to the community. This week we meet Laura Hartman.
LJWorld.com United Way 2-1-1 makes finding human services easier for Douglas County residents
November 10, 2014
The phones ring a lot at Headquarters Counseling Center. The Lawrence based crisis counseling center took 1,744 calls for help in September alone. But in addition to those who call this National Suicide Prevention Lifeline crisis center for Kansas seeking help with mental health issues, a surprising number also call Headquarters for referrals for everyday human service needs, like where they might find rent and utility assistance or meals for shut-ins.
United Way ‘Can-Struction’ contest now underway in Baldwin City
November 10, 2014
With five “can-struction” artworks completed and on display, the winner of the United Way contest is up to the generosity of voters. Colleen Gregoire, United Way of Douglas County vice president and 2014 campaign director, said residents have until Saturday to vote for their favor among the five works assembled from dry food items that are to be donated to the Baldwin City Community Food Pantry when the contest ends.
Baldwin City Fire Department always looking for volunteers
November 5, 2014
Kaleb Michael will readily tell you he likes being a firefighter, although he does hesitate a bit when asked to explain why. “That’s a good question,” he said after a pause. “I really do like helping people. Same as when I was 17 and had an opportunity to start volunteering. It felt more like a calling to me.”
Face to Face: Francelle Huffman
November 4, 2014
Each week, The Signal introduces readers to someone who lives or works in the Baldwin City community. This week, we meet Francelle Huffman.
Appeals court says Baldwin City woman can be charged with illegally hosting minors
October 31, 2014
Topeka — A Baldwin City woman may be charged with the crime of illegally hosting minors consuming alcohol, the Kansas Court of Appeals ruled Friday, reversing a decision from the Douglas County District Court.