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Musings from the Hill, Sept. 17, 2015

September 15, 2015

Oh, how I wish I could again be surrounded by nature and watch, from my front deck, the fluffy white clouds shepherded by gentle winds while they slowly pass before my eyes. I also miss the ballets performed by turkey buzzards, awkward and unattractive on the land, graceful and entrancing as they dance in the skies.

I am grateful for the many friends and help available in Baldwin City. I enjoy living in “apple pie” U.S.A. We have a newspaper, The Signal, a fine grocery store (which delivers), pharmacies, our excellent public library and the Lumberyard Arts Center, with art classes for children and adults. Let us not forget the jewel in our crown, Baker University, a highly rated institution with a beautiful campus and facilities located in the center of town, making our town unusually attractive.

Let us not forget our beautiful fountain, the well-maintained Tom Swan Garden and the lovely hanging baskets, which have been blooming all summer in spite of the heat. Thanks to all who make Baldwin City a special town. I am grateful we have a fine hardware store and don’t have to drive to Lawrence for a handful of nails (I surely miss our lumberyard). We could not function without our numerous volunteers and our vigilant police and fire departments.

A few weeks ago, the TV news from a nearby city concerned a carjacking, which had recently occurred. Apparently this is not uncommon in large cities. I have seen, on TV, people jerked out of car windows. (Example — re-runs of “CHiPs”, filmed in Los Angeles). Never did I expect this to happen in a nearby town. Local news had filmed two girls fighting at a drive-in window. One was grabbed, pulled out the car window and the fight was continued inside the drive-in. This behavior certainly would not be expected in any town in which I have ever lived.

A friend told me about what recently happened to her in Topeka. She pulled up to a stop sign and waited for a man to pass. He stopped and looked in the driver’s side window, the door locked. He said, “Get out! I want this car!” She replied, “I will not. If you do not remove your foot from beside my car, I will run over it," as she revved up the motor. Fortunately, he had no gun. She reported it to the police. Later she found out he had carjacked the next car in line at the stop sign. He opened the unlocked door, reached over the woman inside, shoved her out in the street and drove off in her car! I would be surprised if this ever occurred in Baldwin City. But our ever-alert officers can give no guarantees, even in Baldwin City.

Family values are the criteria, the foundation upon which families and a town must depend. It is a different world today! Be alert and aware of unexpected situations. Baldwin City appears to be a peaceful town in which to live, but take no chances. If the situation is questionable, call 911.

Since my stroke, I can only type with one finger, so I would like to thank Sarah Baker, a student editor for The Baker Orange at Baker University, who assist me in the publication of these columns.


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