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Musing from the Hill, Sept. 10, 2015

September 8, 2015

I certainly spoke too soon. My last column said how lucky we are to be living in safety in Baldwin City. Lo and behold we suddenly became victims of “tire slashers.” No one expected this random destruction. Such behavior strikes at our family values, which seemed to be above those of many neighboring towns. It is not finances that determine our standing in our community but the family values we are taught that make or break a town. In the old days the highest praise given was if a person’s word was said to be his bond. Those words symbolized that they were trustworthy and of value to the community.

Back to our present situation. I was shocked when I recently became a possible target for two scamming schemes. I alerted the police and hopefully no more elderly in Baldwin will become involved. Forewarned is forearmed! If one observes suspicious actions, call 911! I think the scammer’s biggest mistake was asking, “Do you understand what I am saying?” That really ticked me off. I am 95, which does not signify that I have just fallen off the turnip truck! Our police told me, “Never let strangers into your home. If you observe questionable actions or hear gunshots or fighting," the police officer said, “call 911.”

A daughter, who lives in Texas, called and said they are constantly warned to beware of scammers who prey particularly upon the elderly and handicapped. I am ashamed to admit possibly I might have permitted strangers into my home. The name given to me in a phone call, “Loretta Lynn,” had a familiar ring. I finally asked a friend if she recalled such a person. She said she thought it was the name of a long-ago country singer. My caller chatted as if she knew me well and called me, “June,” but I still could not remember where or when I might have met her. Very clever way to work her male “boss” into my home! He wanted to sell me a walk-in bathtub. Granting her boss an interview the caller said would help my so-called friend. It would entail entering my home at a later date. Apparently scammers will resort to any weird means to achieve access to your home.

Beware of strangers.

I got in touch with the police and they came right to the house. Their advice was to keep the appointment for Monday, whereupon I should close my blinds and pretend no one is home, and then call 911. This I did. When the officer came, the man told him that he had a legitimate appointment made by his office. The officer told him that I was not interested and sent him on his way. So much for my so-called friend, “Loretta Lynn.”

Meanwhile, a man who said he was working up the street taking down dead limbs and could come right down and take care of my problems. A passerby told me, “June, you better check them out to make sure they are legitimate.” Thereupon, I promptly called 911. The officer came and sent him away, because they were checking out his credentials. The officer was a little suspicious.

If one has any questions or apprehensions about strangers, just don’t deal with them. Double check with the police first.

“Tire slashers,” shame on you. Your actions reflect upon your families and thus sully your family name and those of our town.


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