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Musings from the Hill, Sept. 3, 2015

September 1, 2015

Monday is Labor Day. Summer is coming gently to an end. Compared to other states, Kansas has been spared widespread power loss and fires which have devastated thousands of acres in our western states. A daughter, who lives in Wyoming, informed me they have experienced their first snow fall. Let us hope we will have a gentle winter as we did this summer.

A neighbor noticed a number of trees in Baldwin had been hit by lightning and may fall this winter. Two evergreen trees on my hill top home overlooking the Douglas State Fishing Lake succumbed to the pine beetle, missing my house and garage when they fell. One cannot sell them for firewood or treat their disposal lightly for fear of spreading the disease. A small red oak in my town house yard died from a former drought. No other trees were affected, and I welcomed their shade in the summer heat.

Baldwin truly is a beautiful town. Thank you to all who managed to keep our flowering hanging lamp posts blooming all summer and the lovely Tom Swan Park and well-kept Baker University campus walks a delight. The Methodist Church bells gently ringing fall like a benediction on our town. We could not have chosen a better, safer town in which to live.

Baldwin has a wide selection of amenities — the Lumberyard Arts Center and award-winning and well-known Baker University. (Without their help and the aid of Sarah Baker and Dee Schneck, in particular, my column of over 20 years duration could not have been continued.) Our well-known rail road, the unique Baker Wetlands, first battle of the Civil War, the Battle of Black Jack ,and wagon ruts on the famous Santa Fe Trail. I cannot forget to mention the Baker and Baldwin libraries.

I have not mentioned the many pluses Baldwin offers. Thank you to all who make Baldwin a special place to live. Medical personnel — visiting nurses, social workers, doctors, faithful friends, too numerous to individually mention, and also to my wonderful loving family — and Mike Davis, handyman who saved my life one icy night and when my hill was not accessible. Thank you! For making easier the often daunting path we all must tread to the great beyond. With grateful blessings to all – June


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