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Face to Face: Susan Butell

Susan Butell

Susan Butell

May 26, 2015

Susan Butell

Born: Butell was born in Falls City, Neb. She spent much of her childhood in New York state before moving to Baldwin City while in high school when her father, Tom Swan, started managing the Baldwin City lumberyard.

Family: Husband, Carl, daughters Katy Bach and Bonnie Butell-Huntoon, son Brian Butell and five grandchildren,

Education: Baldwin High School Class of 1963 and Kansas State University

Hobbies: “I like to read, and I enjoy traveling.”

Career: After graduating from K-State, Butell was an eighth-grade teacher at Baldwin Junior High School. “I like that age group because they can hate you one day but like you the next. It’s not like high school students who if they hate you on day one will hate you forever unless they go to college and find out you taught them something.”’

Digging deeper: Butell said like many young people, she had wanderlust when young. She told her mother, Mary Swan, she would never move back to Baldwin City once she graduated from college but move to Denver or New York City or “somewhere glamorous.” Life and love intervened: “I married a banker and had a sinking feeling I would be in Baldwin City the rest of my life.”


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