Musing from the Hill, July 2, 2015

June 30, 2015

Long before World War II, Holland stood by us all the way. Huguenots (French Protestants) rose up against the atrocities being committed by the Catholic Church against all other religions. Many fled to Holland to escape torture and death. Holland was well known for providing a safe haven for those seeking relief from religious persecution. A small enclave of French Protestants were ensconced in Holland and from that base gradually made their way to the future United States.

In the 1500s, a colony of French Huguenots was settled in future Florida.They were soon wiped out by Spain. This was long before Plymouth Rock was even a gleam in the eye of a beholder. Dream on all ye who declare they were the first settlers of the future United States. The Isle of Shoals off the coast of Maine was also functioning as a formal colony (town meeting notes, which I long ago had access to, testify to this).

Norway, and little Denmark as well as Holland also aided the U.S. in World War II. Denmark alone completely paid her war debt. Long ago, I located a newly published little-known book about Martin’s Hundred, a Virginia settlement wiped out by the Indians. I discovered long lost ancestors whose name Walden was still prevalent as a family name. Old records still existed stating that “provision was made for the orphans of Humphrey Walden.” I found a picture of Walden Towers, Walden Creek and information stating Walden was also known as a “long hunter,” as was Daniel Boone

Thank you, Baker Library, for your frequent help in adding to my knowledge of history and days of yore. The library is a helpful asset for our community!

Many years ago Mary Swan and I were driving on back roads northeast of Baldwin and we came upon a small hill above a pretty little meadow. Prominent letters declared this to be Pork Chop Hill. We were unable to find it again. This was a reminder of the bloodcurdling disaster of a battle, which never should have been fought. Did the person who erected the sign participate in the battle? Does anyone have any information?

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