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Musing from the HIll, June 11, 2015

June 9, 2015

May swept in, not on little cat feet I remember from my long ago youth. Wild days of wind and rain and cold held back sweet May flowers. The heat went off and I was cold. My Texas families had wind and hail damage to their roofs. Huge culverts under a long driveway to a daughter’s house were torn out and tossed aside. Never before had they experienced more than a small trickling stream to a little farm pond. Texas and Oklahoma appear to have become the new tornado alley.

I usually listen to the weather on TV as I settle down to sleep. Many nights all I heard was “no signal.” Storms all around interfered with reception. I tucked covers over my head and decided I would go whereever wild winds took me. My lake house has a well-stockpiled “hidey-hole” I can resort to if bad weather threatens. I no longer listen to the news. I feel better if I am ignorant and uninformed. Not only is the news startling and downright amazing, but it is delivered often by people jumping around with much hand clapping, yelling and engaging in all sorts of athletic maneuvers. ENOUGH ALREADY! (An apt expression frequently used by New York friends).

We recently honored many veterans who valiantly served our country in many wars. (Too many?) Lest we forget, assistance for veterans should not be a one-time event but should be freely and frequently available. Often many old war stories are forgotten. I recall memories of World War I, and my father singing “{‘m Captain Jenks of the Horse Marines and I feed my horse on corn and beans. Oh come to the stable all ye who are able and give your poor horses some water and corn. For if you don’t do it the Major will know it and he’ll give you the devil as sure as you’re born” “Tramp. Tramp Tramp the boys are marching. The Kaiser’s knocking at the door. If I had a bowl of jelly I would sock him in the belly and he wouldn’t be a Kaiser any more." (Our famous local artist, Tom Russell, remembers singing that song also. Blessings to you, friend Tom.)

Memories of soldiers of WWI. Are any of that era still around? They may recall that many soldiers could not understand the terminology right foot, left foot. Therefore hay was tied to one foot and straw to the other. When marching, officers called out “hay foot-straw foot" to keep them in marching order. Remember “Hi Hi He you‘re in the field artillery keep those caissons go rolling along.” Much later the Boy Scouts modified the song to “keep those trek carts go rolling along.” How about (in reference to “Hay foot-Straw foot”) "You’re in the Army now You're not behind the plow. You son of a gun you’re gonna have fun, you're in the Army now." Or a version we never sang in more august company. "You’re in the Army now, you son of a witch, you will never be rich, you’re in the Army now." I better quit or I’ll be in trouble. My WWII memories are many I shall try to recount some in another column.


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