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Musings from the Hill, July 25, 2015

July 21, 2015

Again, a great big “thank you“ to Sarah, editor of the Baker University newspaper, who came to my rescue when my impaired right hand refused to function. Between us, we managed to complete last week’s column. This column will address feelings when I announced to my mother that in a few days I was leaving to be married in Joplin, Mo. Gale (my future husband) asked “What will your mother say?" I replied, ‘Mother will say, 'Are you, dear?'” Gale asked me to marry him on our first date. It was a bit sudden. Mother said, as I predicted, “Are you, dear?”

The reason for this introduction strangely relates to my recent good-bye and happy retirement to Brent Sherwood from Baldwin State Bank. Brent with his 42 years of banking experience on many occasions gave me a willing, helpful hand if I had a problem I wished to further discuss. You must understand my families lived in the East. They first settled in Maine and New Hampshire. Most were involved in businesses of their own. All could read and write before the Pilgrims landed; one group settled in Virginia.

They did not did not own large slave-run plantations. They lived near modest Ferry Farm, owned by George Washington’s father. One of our New England ancestors lived on the Isle of Shoals off the New England coast and ran a small sloop as a business. We thought we were civilized and had not a clue about the wild and woolly west.

All we knew about Kansas was learned from the childrens' book “Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz.” This seemed to sum it up. The mere thought of a tornado terrified me! I was headed into strange territory. In the East, if one opened a new bank account perhaps you received a new toaster. I laughingly suggested to Brent if one received a gun when opening a new account they might acquire more new accounts. Brent, who formerly was a banker in the Flint Hills, replied that in the Flint Hills they handed out shotguns for opening new bank accounts.The apellation pistol-packing mama from the Mafia filled streets of New York and north Jersey appeared to be similar. Brent also said he knew women in the Flint Hills who carried a pistol on their hip until they died.

We lived in the county seat of a modest small town across the Delaware River from long-ago settled Philadelphia. This was a pleasant shopping train trip from our town. During the Revolution, our town was briefly occupied by Hessians from Germany. Our longtime feelings against Germans, whose desertion of the United States for Canada during the long-ago Revolution, still lingers here and there. We have fought two more wars against Germany. Hopefully those days are gone forever.

Also Missouri and Kansas are no longer considered the wild-and-wooly west. My mother’s calm attitude when I announced I was leaving for unknown strange places was justified, and Kansas has become my home sweet home. However, I am happy mother had never heard of giving guns for opening new bank accounts. It startles me today. Thank you, Brent, for this information. Happy retirement and thank you. Do you carry a pistol on your hip?


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