Baldwin City administrator's year-end report touts city's 2014 accomplishments

Baldwin City government Enlarge photo

January 6, 2015

Baldwin City Administrator Chris Lowe shared a 2014 year-end report Monday with the Baldwin City Council filled with positives he said was a result of council's leadership, the city cooperation with its partners and dedication of city staff.

In a departure from past years, the report was more than a final accounting of the city’s year-end fund balances and highlighted the achievements of the city as a whole and its departments. It took full advantage of the multi-media capabilities of the council’s new chambers in the community room of the recently expanded Baldwin City Public Library, which was one of the accomplishments highlighted in the report.

The library project was one of those Lowe noted that was accomplished with other community partners. Another such project of note was the new clubhouse at the Baldwin City Municipal Golf Course constructed in cooperation with the Baldwin City Recreation Commission and Baldwin Golf Association. Lowe said the clubhouse was nearly completed.

The report cited the achievements of each of the city’s departments. They included:

Administration and finance

Community development

Electrical department

Police department

Public works

Fire department

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