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Kansas ponders new protections for campus religious groups
April 12, 2015
Kansas legislators could enact new legal protections for faith-based groups on state college campuses, even though the state already has a religious objections law.
Hanging of ‘In Cold Blood’ killers marks 50th anniversary
April 12, 2015
Tuesday marks the 50th anniversary of the executions of Hickock and Smith, whose murders of the Herb Clutter family were the subject of Truman Capote’s celebrated 1966 true crime novel, “In Cold Blood.”
Community walk to mark 1-year anniversary of shootings at Jewish sites
April 12, 2015
A community walk designed to emphasize the values shared by people of different cultures, faiths and social classes will mark the one-year anniversary of the day a man consumed with hatred toward Jews shot and killed three people in suburban Kansas City.
Baldwin district not looking to take cost-saving measurers making headlines elsewhere in state
April 12, 2015
Although it has considered them, the Baldwin USD 348 Board of Education apparently won’t take two cost-cutting measurers other state school boards have approved as they deal with the state block grant school funding plan, which will provide no additional state money to help with classroom needs during its two-year duration.
Kansas City Connection: Record Store Day, Malcolm Gladwell and Third Thursday
April 12, 2015
Vinyl fanatics will want to check out the area’s Record Store Day events this Saturday. What started out as a small event to boost the visibility of America’s remaining record stores has since become a big deal, with live music, giveaways, free food, drinks and hundreds of special record releases.