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June 30, 2014

Long years ago our ancestors fought to secure our independence. When the story is truly realized we should be proud that we stood strong while defying the largest army and navy in the world. Despite the fact that we had no standing army or navy we relied upon a rag-taggle militia backed by legions of men, women and children True many sided with England and were called “Tories” and betrayed their own countrymen. A new generation called “Americans” refused to “tug their forelock or bend a knee” to a despot king or titled so-called “nobles.” I am proud of the fact that none of my ancestors can be traced to nobility. While researching old records, a chance remark by an assistant remains in my mind. She said, “It is unusual to be able to trace back to the 1500s unless you are related to royalty.” I am rather proud of this. I believe our various families were the beginning of the great middle class. “Pull yourself up by your own boot straps!” Of course chance plays a big part in this. Many are endowed with special talents or gifts and also persistence and good habits instilled by ancestral habits play a large part in character development.

After the Revolution many Tories left for Canada. Many later returned to again stake their future in the new nation. Although we won the Revolutionary War once again we tangled with Canada in the War of 1812 and won. This resulted in a final culmination of our victory: Not one inch of territory did we yield. In the Smithsonian Museum is a charred timber reminding us that in the War of 1812 the British burned the White House. It is astonishing in today’s war-torn borders throughout the world, our borders with Canada stand amicable and unguarded. Thus proving it is possible for countries to maintain a mature civilized approach to border difficulties.

I agree with President George Washington who warned, “Avoid foreign entanglements,” and President Eisenhower who said, “Beware the military complex.” Surely we have learned something over the years! I am against sending our soldiers anywhere to settle disputes among other countries — particularly religious difficulties. More lives have been lost in religious wars between people of different beliefs than for any other reason: territorial, tribal, customs etc. I am not willing to sacrifice millions of lives and increasing financial burdens to endeavor to change people’s customs. Slavery has been in existence since ancient times. People were captured and sold into slavery. Capturing young women is the height of depravity. People who descend into this abyss are not civilized people. I do not sanction slavery in any form. We tore our country asunder in our Civil War. Our Civil War was costly. Records indicate that 78 percent of the Civil War was fought by 15 to 18 year old boys. Twenty five were only 10 years old! (from “Nuggets From Paradise, Vol. II, No. 5) Who said “old men declare war and young men fight wars”? Who could ever forget the Vietnam War? Again we claim we are unable to care for our veterans. Millions spent and lives sacrificed where will it all end?

Thank you for all those who defended our country so long ago against frightful odds. Hopefully we have learned from them that we must stand for freedom to think as we wish regardless of religion (or lack thereof) we espouse. Stand for our principles if we are attacked! Let freedom ring!


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