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Face to Face: Jim Hart

Jim Hart

Jim Hart

July 10, 2014

Jim Hart

Born: Nuremberg, Germany. “ Had German parents but was adopted by Americans. My dad was in the service. I grew up all over the place.”

Family: Two adult sons, James and Josh, and a grandson, Rylan.

Education: Graduated from Grandview High School in Grandview, Mo., after attending three other high schools. Hart earned a bachelor’s degree in biology from Baker University in 1982.

Hobbies: Reading, photography and walking. Hart can be seen almost daily walking to or from Baldwin City to Douglas County State Lake. “I may be tired walking, but I never get tired of that walk.”

Work: Hart works at Baldwin City Market and is a full-time janitor at Baldwin Elementary School Intermediate Center. “Janitor is from the Greek word “janus,” Hart said. “I picked that up in a Saul Bellow novel. It means the keeper of the door. So I’m the door keeper.”

Digging deeper: Hart said he enrolled at Baker in January 1975 after getting out of the Army and visiting his brother at the school the year before. He stayed because of his work, friends and because his son and daughter-in-law live in Lawrence. He said he must like Baldwin City because he has lived here for 40 years.

“My goal is to become a legend in this town,” he said.


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