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Five places to connect with Baldwin City’s past
January 29, 2014
Baldwin City and the surrounding area offer a wealth of sites to connect with the community’s rich history. Best of all, visits are free, although donations to some are welcome.
Kansas: Feds could block evidence in suicide bomb plot
January 29, 2014
Federal prosecutors are pressing for limits on who can see formerly classified information that has been declassified to prosecute a Wichita man accused of plotting a suicide bombing at Mid-Continent Airport.
Kansas: Teen murder suspect spotted in Texas day after disappearance
January 29, 2014
Sarah Brooke Gonzales McLinn was in Bishop, Texas — a small town near the Gulf of Mexico about 100 miles from the Mexican border — the same day she failed to appear for dinner with family in Topeka, according to law enforcement there.
Kansas: Sperm donor done after Craigslist fiasco, he says
January 29, 2014
After what he has been through in the past year, William Marotta wouldn’t provide sperm again to a couple wanting to parent a child.