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April 15, 2014

April is National Library Month. What would we do without our libraries? I cannot imagine living in a town without a library.

Before we moved to Baldwin our first question was, “Does Baldwin City have a library?” The city not only had a public library, but Baker University also had an excellent library. We have used both of them extensively. In fact, without our libraries, I could not write my column.

A special “thank-you” to the Walkers, who kindly bring their Wall Street Journal to the Baldwin City library so others may read it. Helpful city library personnel are always ready and willing to answer my queries. I am grateful to Dee Schneck and many others at Baker University for kindly checking and sending my column every week for printing: no weekly column without their gracious assistance.

Our entire extended families moved from Swarthmore, Penn., to New Jersey when I was about 7. At home we were fortunate to have a plethora of books and an excellent encyclopedia; but we also used the public library extensively. My earliest recollections of my grandfather are of him sitting in his Morris chair immersed in a book. We children spent hours playing “kick the can” and exploring the woods and lake.

If it rained we haunted the public library. Many a hot summer afternoon was spent reading. It was a wonderful childhood. The library was certainly a contributing factor. I discovered Zane Grey and became fascinated with western history. Now L’AMOUR reigns supreme!

I want to address an issue of clarification. In my April 3 column I wrote, “I had my eyes examined (AGAIN) by my eye Dr. in Lawrence. He said my eye exam was valid through July." Heath, the efficient manager of the eye department in Walmart, “said my new glasses also were valid through July.” Why was my column wording changed to “I passed the exam AGAIN although the eye doctor at Walmart told me my previous exam and glasses were good through July 2014?” This is incorrect!

Walmart has excellent opticians but they do not employ an ophthalmologist, an eye doctor. I always take my prescription for new glasses from Dr. O’Neal, at Eye Care, to Heath at Walmart. He solved the problem of why my glasses constantly slipped. Walmart has excellent opticians but does not employ an “eye doctor."

Ophthalmologist. Dr. O’Neal, at Lawrence Eye Care, verified that my exam was valid through July. Heath, the excellent manager of the optics department in Walmart, also verified that my new glasses were valid through July. For an unknown reason, my column was changed to read “the eye Dr. at Walmart” (they do not employ an eye doctor).

I have followed the Harvard Medical School findings for years and I see an ophthalmologist every year without fail. For years all my medical eye records have been at Eye Care in Lawrence. I recommend, if possible, to keep all records in one place to trace changes. When I temporarily moved to Wyoming, I drove back to Eye Care (and Walmart) in Lawrence every year.

It is important to see an ophthalmologist if one has macular degeneration. I want to emphasize the importance of a yearly visit to a specialist for a disease of the eye. I also make sure I take lutein every a.m. and p.m. Check with your ophthalmologist!

This latest fiasco over the arbitrary canceling of my driver’s license sent my blood pressure sky high. With help from our own Sen. Tom Holland and staff and the cooperation of Dr. O’Neal and his staff at Eye Care and Heath at Walmart, I was able to “weather the storm." It took hours of their time and mine. Seems to me the state employees at the license bureau could better occupy their time!

With the restoration of my driver’s license (and if my road remains passable), I will see you on down the road.


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