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Baldwin shuts out Spring Hill to remain unbeaten

Bulldog junior Oliver Elphick takes a shot on goal in Baldwin's 5-0 victory Tuesday against visiting Spring Hill. BHS improved to 10-0-1 with the win.

Bulldog junior Oliver Elphick takes a shot on goal in Baldwin's 5-0 victory Tuesday against visiting Spring Hill. BHS improved to 10-0-1 with the win.

October 1, 2013

The Baldwin Bulldogs soccer team stayed undefeated and atop the Frontier League with two shutout victories this past week.

Baldwin went on the road last Thursday to defeat Paola, 6-0, and then earned a 5-0 victory at home Tuesday against Spring Hill. The Bulldogs are now 10-0-1 overall and 7-0-1 in league play.

Tuesday’s match was another contest in which most of the game was played on Baldwin’s side of the field and the opponent had few legitimate chances to score.

Coach Mark Joslyn said the familiar script against Spring Hill was the game plan.

“We got a lot of nice shots early and finally got one in,” he said. “I think the team in general did what it needed to do, which is possess the ball, move it around and then find the opening.

“Our whole philosophy is to keep the ball down in our attacking third. You get more breaks that way and more pressure and strange things happen like the ball goes through the goalie’s hands or he doesn’t move because he’s had pressure for 40 minutes.”

Sophomore Brendan Owings scored two goals for the Bulldogs, getting the team’s first score on a header off a corner kick and finding the net again with just more than 28 minutes to play in the second half.

It was the second time this season the sophomore scored two goals (he accomplished the same feat against Tonganoxie) and his first header as a varsity player.

Owings saw the game much like his coach. The Bulldogs’ pressure caused the Broncos to panic and turn the ball back over to the Bulldogs, he said.

Hunter Young scored Baldwin’s second goal on a kick from near mid-field after he shook his defender.

“That was a great goal,” Joslyn said.

Senior Duncan Murray knotched Baldwin’s third goal of the first half on a penalty kick, and Russell Cloon found the net for the final time for the Bulldogs with 25:45 left in the second half.

Officials raised four yellow cards during the physical match and several players limped or were helped from the field. Nonetheless, Joslyn said his team with healthy as it prepares for the final five regular season games.

The Bulldogs will get a week off before returning to action play at 4 p.m. Tuesday for a home contest with Perry Lecompton. Joslyn said the Kaws were a well-coached defensive team that has given the Baldwin offense difficulties in the past.


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