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Five questions: Flights of honor

June 25, 2013

The Honor Flight system has provided flights to the World War II memorial in Washington, D.C., for thousands of veterans. James McLaughlin, chairman of the Honor Flight Network, and Mike VanCampen, president of Kansas Honor Flights, offer some information about the program below.

Q: How can I arrange a flight for a veteran?

A: Veteran applications can be downloaded from our web site, or contacting us at 620-546-2400.

Q: How are you funded?

A: Our funding comes primarily from individuals across the country who recognize the great accomplishments and sacrifices of veterans and want them to see their memorial before it’s too late.

Q: How are veterans selected?

A: Currently our priority is to contact our older WWII veterans. Veterans are called in the order that we’ve received their applications, not necessarily the oldest veteran.

Q: What about the aging veterans from the Korea and Vietnam wars?

A: Some hubs have already begun taking Korean veterans and I am sure as time goes on more hubs will be doing the same. I don’t believe any hubs are taking Vietnam veterans yet but they will in the future.

Q: When will flights be available for Korean and Vietnam veterans in Kansas?

A: As soon as we have provided this trip to those WWII vets that are ready, willing, and able, then we’ll take Korean vets, then eventually the Vietnam veterans ... We simply don’t know exactly when we’ll get to the Korean and Vietnam vets based upon how many WWII vets we receive applications from. However, my best “guesstimate” would be that we’ll be taking some of the Korean vets by September or October of this year.


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