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Baldwin board updated on BJHS auditorium remodel

Baldwin USD 348 Board of Education

Baldwin USD 348 Board of Education

February 20, 2013

The Baldwin school board on Monday was updated on remodeling plans for the junior high auditorium and told that plans would have to go on a bit of a diet to fit in the district’s budget.

In January, the board authorized the architectural firm DLR Group to develop plans for the auditorium’s remodel at the cost of $600,000, which is the amount the district has left from the 2008 bond issue. The board asked that the remodel include:

• A multipurpose room for the high school’s wrestling program.

• An enhanced junior music room with a higher ceiling to improve sound quality, a 620-square-foot rehearsal room and new office and storage space.

• Two classrooms for the East Kansas Educational Cooperative classes when it is Baldwin’s turn to house the program for five years.

• Storage space.

• “Light” renovation of the junior high school weight room to remove walls and raise and soundproof the ceiling.

Doug Loveland, architect with DLR Group, said his early plans showed the project coming in at $717,000. That included $96,000 in “soft fees,” such as DLR’s design fees — which were approved Monday — and permit fees. The remainder were the “hard costs” of construction, he said.

Loveland said cutting back would not require leaving out key components of the remodel. However, it might entail leaving storage rooms unpainted or forgoing ceilings or flooring in some areas. He has made some adjustments in those areas and trimmed $50,000 from the project’s cost.

Loveland said he developed his construction estimates based on costs of other DLR projects. To get a more exact estimate, he will talk with area contractors who might be interested in bidding on the project, Loveland said.

Loveland provided a schedule that called for work starting on the remodel in late May and completed by the start of classes in August. A special meeting might be required in April to keep the project on schedule, he said.

In other business, the board:

• Learned an adjustment to the district’s five-year capital outlay plan would be necessary because of $566,000 in repairs needed to the roof at the intermediate center and $386,000 to the high school roof. Cynde Frick, district finance director, suggested the intermediate center’s cost be spread over four years starting with 2013-2014. The high school roof work would be done in 2017-2018 and paid for with a two-year loan. The board would see an updated five-year capital outlay plan in June before it starts budget discussions in July, Superintendent Paul Dorathy said.

• Reviewed tentative school schedules for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years, which have to be approved by the district’s teachers’ union. Dorathy said they were much the same as the district’s current calendar, but spring break was a week earlier, which matches that of Baker University. Board member Sandy Chapman said with state budget cuts looming, the district might have to consider starting school later in August to avoid having schools open on expensive cooling days. It was also suggested the district might considered cutting back on the six to eight school days it schedules in excess of those required by the state.

• Heard for Joseph Hurla of 360 Energy of Eudora about the early progress of his company’s energy-saving efforts in the district. In June, the board approved a five-year contract with 360 Energy to make energy conservation measures at district facilities for half the money the district saves on utility bills during the contract period. Hurla told the board early measures saved the district $105,000 in utility costs.


1776attorney 7 years, 8 months ago

Quite dishonest how last year at this time, Doug Loveland of DLR Group, volunteered to perform all the design work for this project at "no cost". No matter how you twist the semantics, " $96,000 in design fees" seems to have just been a bunch of bull crap looking back now.

"Doug Loveland, architect with DLR Group, said his early plans showed the project coming in at $717,000. That included $96,000 in “soft fees,” such as DLR’s design fees — which were approved Monday — and permit fees. "(from above)

If you read my comments in the Signal last year, I predicted that DLR Group would in fact attempt to collect a construction manager or design fee hidden on the back end. I said they were lying then.

They didn't even attempt to hide the design fee, so maybe Mr. Loveland and the School Board just think the taxpayers are forgetful buffoons who wouldn't remember.

Also, last year the School Board members admitted they had been inundated with negative telephone calls regarding this project. The calls wanted the $600,000 used exclusively to pay down the bond issue and reduce the mill levy. Perhaps they developed sudden deafness or disdain for the taxpayers.

Needless to say, this School Board is as bad as the previous one. They were voted in to control (and remove) our foolish superintendent and now it appears they are hypnotized by him.


1776attorney 7 years, 8 months ago

Baldwin City Signal, June 13, 2012

Architect offers to draw plans for Baldwin Junior High auditorium remodel at no cost

"As the discussion continued at a special meeting Monday, the board learned that the district architect has offered to produce a remodeling plan for the old Baldwin Junior High School auditorium at no cost to the district........"


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