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CVS stores dropping ID requirement for nail polish remover

August 16, 2013

CVS Pharmacy stores in most states, including Kansas, are dropping a rule that required customers to show ID when buying nail polish remover and some other products.

The nationwide chain had implemented the rule about a month ago because many nail polish removers contain chemicals that can be used to cook methamphetamine. Anyone buying products containing acetone or iodine, including some nail polish removers, needed to show ID.

In 2010, the company had agreed to pay $77.6 million to settle a case brought by the United States attorney in Los Angeles that its drugstores allowed widespread sales of cough medicines used to manufacture the stimulant methamphetamine.

CVS announced that it would eliminate the ID requirement in most states late Wednesday afternoon in a post on its corporate Facebook page. The change is to take effect by the end of the week, but will continue in some states where it is required by law, according to a CVS spokesman.

Stores in Hawaii will continue to ID customers buying products containing acetone, including nail polish remover. They also will continue to require ID for the purchase of iodine products in California, Hawaii and West Virginia. In those states, regulations require retailers to record sales of methamphetamine precursor ingredients.


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