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Baldwin Council approves curbside recycling

April 2, 2013

Curbside recycling soon will be available to city residents who want it with the Baldwin City Council’s approval Monday of an addendum to the city’s existing trash contract with Ottawa Sanitation.

The once-a-week pickup will start the first Thursday in June for those living in single-family homes and who sign up for the service through the city. The service will take paper, cardboard; cans and plastic but not glass.

City financial director Brad Smith told the council the monthly charge for the service will be an additional $4.50 cents added to a customer’s normal monthly trash bill. Of that, $1 will be the city’s monthly fee for administering the service.

“They are offering this as an upgrade to their regular service,” Smith said of Ottawa Sanitation. “Four times a month at that price, I don’t know how they can make money on it.”

Customers will be given an 18-gallon tote, Smith said. Should they find that inadequate for their needs, they can request another. There will be no deposit for the totes but the city will add a $10 charge to customers’ final bills if the totes are not returned when service was discontinued.

Recyclables can be co-mingled in the plastic totes and customers can put overflow in plastic garbage bags or other containers for pickup. Customers will be asked to breakdown large cardboard boxes and place them underneath the tote or other heavy objects.

City Administrator Chris Lowe said it was hoped 400 of the city’s about 1,600 single-family homes would opt for the service when it started in June. The city and Ottawa Sanitation would evaluate the service at the end of the year to see if it should be continued with the provider’s next three-year contract, he said.

Mayor Ken Wagner was confident of the service’s future.

“I think this is going to be a great program,” he said. “They’ve (Ottawa Sanitation) has done a very good job for us and are great to work with.”


BCBuff 5 years, 2 months ago

For those that don't opt to pay $4.50 /month for the convenience of curbside pick-up, will the city continue to maintain the recyclable containers at the rail depot?


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