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Baldwin City Council to consider church’s rezoning request

September 4, 2012

I. Call to Order: Mayor Ken Wagner

II. Consent Agenda: (All matters listed on the Consent Agenda are to be considered under one motion and will be enacted by one motion.

There is to be no separate discussion on any Consent Agenda Item. If discussion is desired by an elected official of the City on any Consent

Agenda item, then that item will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately).

A. Consider the draft minutes of the August 20, 2012 Regular Meeting.

B. Consider Appropriation Ordinance No. 2012-9A: claims against the City for goods provided and

services rendered.

C. Consider re-numbering of Resolution No. 2012-07 approved on August 20, 2012 to Resolution No.


D. Consider a Proclamation declaring September National Emergency Preparedness Month.

III. Committee/Commission Reports


IV. Special Reports or Presentations

Jillian Rodrigue, Douglas County Emergency Management: Emergency Preparedness Month

V. Unfinished Business

A. Consider Ordinance No. 1282 adopting the 2011 40th Edition of the “Standard Traffic Ordinance

for Kansas Cities.” (Darcy Higgins)

B. Consider Ordinance No. 1283 adopting the 2012 Edition of the “Uniform Public Offense Code for

Kansas Cities.” (Darcy Higgins)

VI. New Business

A. Consider for first reading an Ordinance relating to rezoning certain property from the Residential

District (R-1A), to the Residential District (R-1B), all within the Corporate Limits of the City of

Baldwin City, Kansas. (Tina Rakes)

B. Consider for first reading an Ordinance granting a conditional use permit for the establishment of

a church and church related activities within the corporate limits of the City of Baldwin City,

Kansas. (Tina Rakes)

C. Consider for first reading an Ordinance amending Chapter V “Business Licenses and Regulations”

of the Code of Baldwin City, Kansas establishing commercial use of sidewalks for dining purposes

and permitting issuance of regulations related thereto. (Chris Lowe)

VII. Public Comments and Questions

VIII. Discussion Items from Council Members or Staff (items not for action at this time)

IX. Schedule & Announcements (upcoming meetings & events)

A. Community Development Committee: 4pm, September 10 at City Hall

X. Executive Session

XI. Adjourn


1776attorney 5 years, 8 months ago

While it's an small advantage to have the Signal post the City Council agenda for tonight, it would be better if either the newspaper or Ms. Rakes would add to the description (even in the Comments Section) of these proposed zoning changes so the public would know before the council votes.

I see no where on the city website where these important issues are posted ahead of time. This town suffers from a lack of a well-thought out development plan.

While I am all in favor of churches, just because it is a church doesn't make the zoning changes right for taxpayers or the affected neighborhood.

Too often in this city, big changes like this and large expenditures are made and we, as taxpayers, simply get to read about them after the final voting has taken place.

Of course, some might suspect that this is intentional. Where as, I expect that from the School Board, I prefer to think the City Council is more responsible and accountable.


EFHutton 5 years, 8 months ago

Exactly right, 1776. Good post.

If only city council meetings were open to the public so citizens could observe council members' discussion in an open forum ...

If only proposed ordinances had to have something like a "first reading" and then be voted on for final approval two weeks after being proposed ...

If only city council members had to be residents of Baldwin City who community members could contact to voice their concerns regarding pending ordinances ...

Then we would have a responsible and accountable system of city goverment! It is time for some serious reform!


1776attorney 5 years, 8 months ago

Sarcasm aside, Mr. Hutton, most citizens of Baldwin City only learn of important projects and expenditures after the final vote by the City Council. And many times, citizens are not in agreement with these projects.

There are several reasons for this. The Signal, for good or bad, is just a tiny voice of information. A few updates and minor news stories, but rarely any indepth news reporting or informing of the public.

Not all citizens have the time or schedule allowing them to spend 3 or 4 hours at City Council meetings, nor should the public be limited to only attending council meetings for their information. If the citizenry wants to be updated and informed through indepth website postings or news stories, then politicians work for us and they can just provide this information.

There is great suspicion, some justified, some not and some only suspected, that both the School Board and the City Council act in secrecy or with an inadequately informed public to proceed on projects and expenditures that are not always supported by the majority of taxpayers. (The previous School Board slammed many projects and ideas down the taxpayer's throats against the majority's wishes.)

What is reported many times are quotes by the City Manager and Council Members concerning ideas and projects that "outside the bubble of like-minded city thinkers" are not favored by or supported by taxpayers.

As the center of Baldwin City residential neighborhoods sink in decay for lack of improvements and modernization, taxppayer funds are siphoned off for projects north of Highway 56 that serve an upper middle-class, but very small population base.


EFHutton 5 years, 8 months ago


Outstanding response.

One of your claims seems to be that obtaining information about important issues before the city council is inconvenient for you. I would contend that citizens' access to information is greater now than it has ever been, except for maybe in 1776 when information raced at the speed of horseback.

You also seem to suggest that members of local government boards don't communicate effectively with the general public. Is it your contention that each city council or school board member should post a blog detailing the proceedings of meetings? How far do you wish to push this -- do you want a personal call from each sitting member so you can ask him or her about particular points of discussion? Do you want to have a personal visit from each person so you can press him or her on issues in the comfort of your den? I would contend that you may be responsible for making some effort in making contact with these public officials. The ratio of members of the public versus council or school board members would, I think, follow this logic.

And who is this silent majority of voters who are having their interests ignored by the city council and school board? Are they friends and colleagues of yours, or do you have some secret access to the will of a cross section of the Baldwin City community? If the sources of your widespread suspicions are limited in scope, then even you should know your conclusions may be biased.

I'm sorry that city council and school board discussions that are required by law to be held in public settings and are reported by a public media are not convenient enough for you, or that you and your neighbors have not agreed with decisions made by these groups in the past. I would suggest that is the way representative democracy is supposed to work -- it's not supposed to be easy and each of us doesn't always get our way.


1776attorney 5 years, 8 months ago

The Comment Section is for intelligent discusion of events and opinions. Perhaps you'd like to contribute something intelligent next time instead of just spouting smart-ass, irrelevant personal attacks.

I won't print your name for privacy reasons, but it's not that difficult to trace your IP address.

With comments like yours, you should not represent anyone through an elected position.


EFHutton 5 years, 8 months ago


So sorry to have offended your sensibilities, sir!

What exactly is it that I have said that is innaccurate? What is this secret trove of information to which you have access, but none of the rest of us do?


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