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County road northeast of Baldwin City to be closed

Road closure

Road closure

November 21, 2012

Douglas Count Public Works has announced Douglas County North 375 will be closed between CR East 1750 and Route 12 (CR North 400 Road) starting Monday. It will remain closed for about two weeks for culvert replacement. There is no posted detour.

Drivers are also reminded of the construction speed limit of 25 mph on North Sixth Street as work on the shoulder of the final phase continues.

Also, the bridge on CR 1057 just south of Kansas Highway 10 is lasted to open at noon Wednesday.


Stacy Napier 5 years, 5 months ago

Remind me all you want but the construction spped limit of 25mph on north sixth is not posted in accordance with the MUTCD. You have a 45 mph ahead sign that is not covered up after you posted the 25mph ahead, and you have no end of construction sign posted so the construction zone is not defined at all. Not to mention I don't think the advance warning signs are far enough ahead of the actual posting.

People need to realize the city/county can't just throw up a speed limit sign and have it enforced. There are laws that must be followed by the governement for proper posting of traffic controls.


CommonSense2 5 years, 4 months ago

Those of you who have seen workers on North Sixth must have a sixth sence. I have not seen one worker out there since the road has opened! At this rate it may be opened properly by the spring thaw!


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